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My specialty is not specializing. :-)

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I'm very proud to be a Canon Explorer of Light, a Westcott Top Pro and a Lexar Elite Photographer. As one of the "godfathers" of the photo industry (as Trey Ratcliff calls me), I still try to be one of the most active photographers, lecturers and instructors around. 

I just can’t sit still. In fact, in 1962, the nuns at St. Annes in Garden City, New York tied me to his chair with my belt in an effort to get me from squirming around! It was the wool pants that I had to wear in June that drove me nuts, To this day, that's why I don't like getting dressed up.

Anyone else attend/survive Catholic grammar school?

Over the past 20 years, I have published 36 books. I type fast, although I got an F in typing in junior high. My series of 3-D books for kids (I'm is a kid at heart) was one of my favorite projects. My best-selling books include Exploring the Light and Face to Face. My book, Flying Flowers won the coveted Golden Light Award, and my book Hide and See Under the Sea won the Ben Franklin Award.

I also have 10 iPad and iPhone apps. Check 'em out!

  I'm also a proud member (Fellow in Residence, '84) of the Explores Club. I have photographed in almost 100 countries around the world - and only got sick in two. Since my rescue from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in 1992 (see photo below) I have given more than two-dozen photography workshops (including private workshops) and presentations around the world each year.  

I'm also the co-founded the Digital Photography Experience ( podcast with wildlife photographer and high-tech guru, Juan Pons. The bi-monthly podcast features listeners questions and interviews with top pro photographers.

There's more. I also hosts several classes on    

I have also been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame, which is kinda cool.

Rich has even dived with sharks - but this is a Photoshop composite. 
I'm also a NOGI (Underwater Oscar) winner, a DEMA Hall of Fame inductee and a Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year. For 20 years, my focus was on underwater photography.

When asked about my photo specialty, I say, “My specialty is not specializing.” That's because I try to do it all.

Perhaps my biggest accomplishment is having a sushi roll named after me at Samurai Japanese restaurant in Croton-on-Hudson, New York!