Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Look Ma! No Cables!

I give many speedlite demos around the country. In the past, when I shot tethered, I sometimes tripped over the USB cable that connected my camera to my computer. Sure, the transfer was super fast, even with full res JPEGS, but the cable did get in the way.

An easier and safer (as in no tripping over a cable) is to use a wireless transfer accessory. Canon makes a great one, the Canon WFT-E7A, but it's about $800 after you add tax and shipping.

The most affordable way I've found to transfer my files wirelessly from my Canon 5D Mark III to my MacBook pro is the Eye-Fi card. Software comes on the card that easily lets you set up your computer for the transfer. The cards sell for under $100.

The wireless transfer is not as fast as a cable, so I would suggest not shooting at the highest JPEG setting. Set a low setting for faster transfer.

Above is a shot from my Des Moines speedlite session. To keep my USB cable securely attached to my camera. I used the Tether Tools Essential Pack.

Above is a shot from that Des Moines session.

I teach speedlite shooting at many of my workshops. I hope you can join the speedlite fun someday.

Here is a link to my favorite speedlite shooting session.

Explore the light,

P.S. This just in from Ziv Gillat, Eye-Fi Co-founder. He had more time to write than I did. It' now a blizzard here in NY. What a follow up to Sandy!


Totally awesome.

BTW, I see that you're using a MacBook Pro. You can just use the built-in reader. The reason that we give you that orange reader, is in case you don't have a solid built-in reader. But your Mac's reader is solid, so you can just use that :-)

Yes, I shoot RAW + JPG, and the RAW goes to my CF card, and the small JPG to my iPad or Android tablet, during a shoot. If I shoot small + compressed JPG's, they're 300KB on my D300s, and takes a split second to come in. Basically, divide the size of the file, by 1.5, and that's how long it'll take, under best conditions to transfer. Our 16GB Pro X2 card can sustain write speeds of 22MBps, and transfer speeds of 13mbps. That's 13 / 8 (bits into bytes) so roughly 1.5MBps. If your JPG is saw 9MB, it'll take 4 seconds. If it's less then a MB -- it'll be super fast.

I think that if you compare our speeds to the $800 grips, you'll see that even though we cost 1/8 -- we're actually faster, and work better in noisier Wi-FI environments :-)

Also, in a studio, you can do ad-hoc, with the Pro X2 card.

When shooting on the weekend, and non-professional, I shoot JPG's that are Large and Fine, they go to my iPhone, via Direct mode, and from the iPhone, over 4G, to the cloud, and to my Mac back home :-)

ciao --

Eye-Fi co-founder


Gary Simmons said...

I just ordered an eye-fi card Rick because I wanted to find some way to tether wirelessly like this. Now I have some hope that it might actually work!

Marty Cohen said...

If you plan to shoot wirelessly to your iPad, here's a cool way to attach your iPad to your tripod's leg or center column. It's very adjustable and secure.

Nancy said...

I need a CF card for my D700. Any possibility of an eye fi CF card? I would love one!