Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's the Best Time to Go on an African Photo Safari?

Because I lead workshops to Africa, I am often asked, "What's the best time of year to go?"

It's not an easy question to answer, because different photographers have different goals.

If you want to see hundreds and hundreds of animals, I suggest selecting a spot where you'll see the great migration of the wildebeest and zebra.

If you want a clear, blue sky, go during the dry season.

But if you go during the rainy season, where it actually rains for only a part of the day, you'll get a much more dramatic sky, as illustrated by the first three pictures in this post.

Photographing wildlife is also easier the sun is not shining brightly – when there is little contrast in the scene, as illustrated by the photographs below.

I hope to see you on one of my of African workshops. Here's the info on the next one!

Here's an old clip from a TV show I did with John O'Hurley (who played J. Peterman) from Seinfeld. Yes, it's about 15 years old!

Explore the light,


Kevin Pepper said...

great advice... we will see you in Tanzania in April with some awesome clouds! :-))

Bonita Soffel said...

I recommend the holiday all inclusive for the African Safari (Zimbabwe). Had a grand time last year and I covered a lot of wildlife in my photo shoot.