Friday, October 26, 2012

Sammon Speedlite Session at Photo Plus

I had a blast demonstrating the relatively new Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT and ST-E3 RT system yesterday at Photo Plus in NYC.

As I told the audience, it's relatively easy to create cool lighting even in a trade show environment.

Above is my favorite image from the demo. Below is a behind-the-scenes shot by Bruce Feingold. Follow Bruce on Google+.

Helping out as my assistant for the shoot was Glenn Lesnick. I chose Glenn from the crowd because he asked the best questions. Thanks, Glenn, for helping out - and for being a great voice-activated light stand. Glenn is holding my favorite speedlite accessory, a 28-inchWestscott Apollo soft box.

I took all the photographs with my Canon 5D Mark III and favorite Canon lens: 24-105mm IS.

Above: Two more of my shots that illustrate the creative possibilities of Canon speedlite photography. Thanks Lorenzo and Shannon for being great models! And thanks to Vered Koshlano, a wonderful photographer in her own right, for coordinating the models.

For more on the Canon speedlite system, check out my original post on the gear.

I'll be back at the Canon booth on Saturday at 10 AM. Hope you can join the speedlite fun. Ask good questions and you may even get to shoot.

Explore the light,

P.S. All my gear is listed on my Gear page.

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Bryce Newton said...

The amount of detail and focus is amazing. Can you recommend the setting for that shoot for my Digital Cameras kit? This is a good learning curve for me.