Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's one of my favorite HDR images.

And here are some thoughts on the image . . . things you might want to consider when making a photograph.

- The photograph does not look like an HDR image, because it's not "overcooked."
- The image has good depth of field, because I used a small aperture and wide-angle lens.
- To create a sense of depth, I composed my picture with the wall on the right very close to the lens.
- The upper part of the woman's body is framed by the red frame on the far wall. That makes here stand out in the frame.
- I opened the back door to add interest to the scene.
- I had fun making the image - which is key for me.

If you are new to HDR, check out my iHDR app, for both the iPad and Mac.

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Ed Catlett said...

Rick I love your work but to say this doesn't look like an HDR image is a little silly. While not as overcooked as some images the microcontrast applied to this is associated with HDR by many people who think HDR is an iPhone filter.

Steve Gravano said...

I agree with Ed. Nice image, but it borders on overcooked.