Monday, September 3, 2012

Venezuela Photo Shoot, Photo Walk & Photo Talk

Those of you who know me know that I like to keep busy. So, rather than just going down to Venezuela for a workshop this November, I've added a photo walk and a photo talk.

Here's the schedule and contact info:

Friday, November 9th
My photo seminar - Explore the light
Sponsored by Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografia

Photograph © Roberta Mata
Saturday November 10th
Photo Walks - AM and PM
We'll explore the coolest photo ops in Caracas.
Sponsored by Carolina Mendez - who has organized several photo walks in Caracas.

Sunday November 11 to 14
Photo workshop with Kevin Pepper, Alan Highton and yours truly.

Contact info:
• Seminar and photo walk: Carolina Mendez.
• Photo workshop: Kevin Pepper.
• Any other questions: me!

Here's a thought: The closer you get to the equator, not only does the weather get warmer, but the people get warmer as well.

Explore the light,

P.S. If you can't go south, head up north. Join my seminar and HDR shoot in Ontario, Canada. And yes, the folks are "warm" up there, too.


tom baker said...

Can't wait for you to head north. I wish I was heading south with you to Venezuela - just not enough time to get to all the fun things you do.

Kevin Pepper said...

I wonder how you will look in a "I Love Canada" t-shirt when you come up to Canada this September, and then again the following August... I guess we are goign to have to buy you one!