Friday, September 28, 2012

My First Shoot at the Black Hills Photo Shootout

I arrived yesterday here in Spearfish, South Dakota for the Black Hills Photo Shootout, where I am the keynote speaker tonight. 

Early this morning, Les Voorhis and Jason Hahan, organizers of the event and two of the talented instructors on the shootout, took me to Spearfish Canyon for quickie photo shoot. Hey, they don't call me the "shoot and scoot" photographer for nothing!

Les and I are doing a waterfalls, HDR and cowboy photography workshop next year. Shoot me an email for info.

What a location. What light. What wonderful photo ops. What nice guys.

My first thought: I need to come back here and spend some time.

Above is a quick "jump out of the car and shoot" shot.

All the images this post are 5D Mark III in-camera HDR images. The shot above is a hand-held HDR that I grabbed on the way to breakfast.

I need to give Les 75 percent of the credit for the first two photos and the photo below, because he invited me to the Shootout, took me to the locations, and loaned me his tripod. Thanks Les!

I hope to post more pictures here from the Shootout. Stay tuned.

Explore the light,

P.S. Left is the average exposure for the scene and right is the Canon 5D Mark III HDR image. Kinda amazing that technology can do for us! For more on HDR see my iHDR app on my Apps page. I also teach HDR on my photography workshops.


Glenn Taylor said...

Beautiful shots, need a photo tour to this area I think.

Rick Sammon said...

Yup! Thanks.

Jerilyn Rich said...

Beautiful shots, Rick. Thank you so much for your talk tonight - more like a pep talk. Love how you incorporated your images into our weekend sessions and gave your insight on how to make our sessions better and to shoot to tell the whole story. Thanks again and can't wait to see you out there tomorrow.

Jerilyn Rich said...

Rick - thanks so much for your pep talk tonight and for sharing your photos and insight with us for our sessions tomorrow and Sunday. I appreciate your expertise and your down to earth way of reaching us and helping us to set goals and go out and shoot to tell the whole story. Glad you came to the Black Hills. We love living here as there is always something new to discover and shoot.