Sunday, September 23, 2012

Junkyard Shots From My Canada Workshop

Today was day two of my photo event up here in Canada with The Photographer's Lounge, which is headed up by my friend Kevin Pepper. What fun.

We took our workshop students to a junkyard for an HDR and model shoot. Afterward, we had a quick download and review session. We were assisted throughout the day by our mutual friend Tom Baker, known for his wonderful HDR work.

We focused on making pictures, rather the just on taking pictures.

Here are a few my favorite shots, all of which were processed with a touch of Nik's Snapseed.

We'll be using Snapseed, and other Nik plug-ins, on the images we take on my Coney Island Photo Walk next month.

Morgan Oldershaw was our model for the shoot. Thanks, Morgan, for being such a good model - and sport.

Above is an in-camera HDR image I captured with my Canon 5D Mark III.

Above is another Canon 5D Mark III in-camera HDR image. Both images were hand-held.

For more in HDR, check out my app, Rick Sammon's iHDR.

At the beginning of the workshop I suggested to the workshop participants that they try to "tell the whole story" of the junkyard. Taking close-ups and focusing on details and patterns helps achieve that goal. This photograph illustrates a composition technique: rule of odds. I talk about that and other rules in my latest Kelby Training class: Composition, the strongest way of seeing.

Kevin and I hope to see you on one of our workshop. Good photo ops, good people, good image process . . . and good fun!

All my events are listed on my facebook events page.

If you were on the workshop, please share your photographs on my workshop photos page. In fact, if you have been on any of my workshop, please share your photographs on that page.

Explore the light,

P.S. My next Junkyard shoot is in Atlanta with my friend Glenn Taylor.


Marco Ranieri said...

Awesome shots Rick! That location is one of my favourites to shoot at, and have produced some excellent shots before. Many of them are on my NAPP member page, as well as my 500px account. Some of our shots are so similar, I guess it's true that great minds think alike!

Marco Ranieri

Kevin Pepper said...

This was so much fun... and it was great to watch you with the students. You're such an intuitive and informative workshop leader.

Chris said...

Great shots Rick. I am friends with Kevin and have been to McLeans a dozen times over the years. The shadow shot is amazing.

Ryan McGovern said...

Was a truely awesome day! I learned so much, and now love/hate Rick because he showed us a much better way to precess HDR then I was doing before and want to go back to all my old stuff to reprocess them.