Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Do You Get Inspired - and Stay Inspired?

All artists - and as a photographer you are an artist - need inspiration.

Photographers get inspired in many different ways: looking at the work of others, challenging themselves with new techniques, shooting with other photographers . . . and maybe even just going for a walk.

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.  – Raymond Inmon

Reading is an another was to get inspired and grow.

The more that you read, the more things you will know  – Dr. Seuss

Getting inspired is one thing - staying inspired is another.

As photographers, I feel as though we are all in this together. If you have a technique for getting and staying inspired, please share it here in the blog comments - as opposed to on Facebook, Google+ etc. That way, all the positive thoughts will be in one place for all to see.

I write when I'm inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning. – Peter De Varies 

Thank you.

Explore the light,


windmill said...

Inspiration comes through a connection within. The connect is only to what's without. So go out and connect.
Have a coffee first.

Jim Denham said...

My son is my muse, but I also like to look for specific things when I go out with the camera. Colors, shapes, anything to focus your mind and not let it get away from you.

gbaker49 said...

Seize the day. Soak every ounce of joy from the world around you and live in it. Our time here is short. It's our responsibility to live life to the fullest!
I posted on this just the other day

Rick Sammon said...

Robyn Nimphius says-

Field I learned TM meditation in February - I practice twice a day, eveyday for 20 minutes. I feel less hurried even on busy days. Time has had a way of slowing down. With that I take my camera out each day with no particular destination in mind, each day imagery is presented as if a gift - I am seeing in new ways, and altough i am really a beginner once again learning digital photography I am getting some really beautiful shots!

Rick Sammon said...

Scott Prokop says....

At home, I check out photos on 500px. In my community, I attend meetings at our local camera club. To broaden my knowledge, I attend workshops and watch online classes such as Kelby Training.

Rick Sammon said...

Edwin Virden writes

I have 4 year old twins! If you ever need inspiration I can send them your way. Just follow them and their travels and adventures will keep you motivated and on your toes. When all else fails look to the sky.

Will Mahan said...

Sometimes it's tough to stay inspired. You create something, someone tells you they like it, and you feel pretty good. It's easy to stay inspired with positive reinforcement. Then there are the days where you see the things that other people have one and you think to yourself "Holy cow! That's so amazingly fantastic. I could never even pretend to hope to compete with that." And on those days, you wonder what's the point? It's those times, when staying inspired isn't easy, that you have to take a moment and remind yourself that this is what you love. Having the freedom to explore your passion is what makes it all worth while, even if you're not the best of the best. Lots of things can encourage us, but true inspiration comes from within ourselves.

Fabio Bosco said...

Photography is a great way to make us stop for a second and contemplate life. There are pictures that makes us travel to a different place or remember a unique moment in our lives. But what to photograph? My family, including my 3 kids, come first of course, as they are what I have the most important. But you can also connect and photograph with everything else that is also there: the skies, animals, strangers, many objects, etc, etc. Not just take a picture but learn about them. Open your mind to something new. Photography allows us that and inspiration will follow when we have passion for something.

David Pilasky said...

I stay inspired by traveling to new places or going back to old places and trying different perspectives. I also stay inspired by looking at other photographers work. Some I will say "Wow, that Is so amazing, I wish I could do that." and for others, I will say "I can do better than that, or I can improve upon that."

Carol Gary said...

Since I work from home most of the time, just getting out for a walk, a hike, or exploring some place new, works for me. I usually stay within walking distance of my house, but once in awhile I head for the mountains or the beach. Never fails to rekindle inspiration.

Brian said...

I am inspired by reading what others have to say about being inspired, haha. Seriously though it helps to keep me connected to what I need to be doing and that is visualizing, then implementing then acting. The turn out of my images are always different than my starting vision but that's because the interaction with others allows for a collaborative vision in the end. We have fun. Sometime though I would like to take my own vision and run with it. So.. 'Inspiration through visualization'