Friday, July 6, 2012

Today's Guest Blogger: Denise Ippolito

Today's guest blogger is Denise Ippolito - a true artist. Take it away Denise.

I’d like to thank Rick Sammon for asking me to be a guest blogger. His work is an inspiration to many photographers around the world. I am truly honored to be able to share a few of my images with you all.

I am a professional freelance photographer and artist living in NJ.  I am a moderator in the Out of the Box forum at Bird Photographers.Net. The OOTB forum is dedicated to creative imagery.  My love for flowers, nature and art come together through my photography and digital enhancements.

The above image was created from an original capture of an old tree in Allaire State Park, NJ, literally in my backyard. I walk most every night through the park and past this tree. In Photoshop I added a couple of texture overlays on top of the original image.  I used the blend modes and layer masks to reveal some of the original image. I finished off the look with Topaz Simplify BuzSim filter at reduced opacity.

This second image is from the same original capture as the image above. This time, however, I started out by applying Snap Art 3’s stylize filter.  I used a strong dose of the filter so that the branches would hold up to the thick brush stroke texture I applied.

Again, this is the same original capture that I used for both images above;  here I went with it un-cropped.   I added a small amount of the Fractalius filter, a Photoshop plug-in for Windows only. The Fractalius filter created the simplified lines that I like. I added several texture overlays to complete the image.

I think it is important when photographing a subject that you explore many compositions and angles.  I did that here simply by walking closer to the tree.  It is amazing how often this simple trick works well.  From this new vantage point I liked the curved limb and the sparseness of the branches.  I added several texture overlays by stacking them on top of the original and blending them as I described above. To learn more about how I work with filter and plug-ins check out my eBooks “ A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects” and “Bloomin’ Ideas” .  There is a link on my blog to the free tutorial page.


Kevin Pepper said...

Denise, these are great images. I really admire photographers that can turn images into a work of art.

Unknown said...

With each new image, Denise is raising her benchmark of excellence & creativity. She is a guide & inspiration to many photographers.Compliments!

Unknown said...

With each new image, Denise is raising her benchmark of excellence & creativity. She is a source of inspiration to many photographers.