Monday, July 30, 2012

Six Days of Speedlite Tips: Day 2

© Rick Sammon
It's Day 2 of my Six Days of Speedlite Shooting tips.

Today's tip: Create Terrific Top Light.

Concept: Position the light directly above the subject. Use "voice activated" light stands to save on real light stands. Use a softbox to soften and direct the light.

© Rick Sammon
I used this technique when I photographed photographer Catherine Hall at Google.


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jrsforums said...

Rick....what clamps did you use for the reflectors in the second image?

Rick Sammon said...

jrs.... westcott.

jrsforums said...

Not sure I was clear.

I know the reflectors are Westcott.

I was curious about the specific clamp used. I have had problems with many clamps as they do not hold the reflector without "wobble" or twisting of the reflector.


Rick Sammon said...

jrs.... westcott makes the clamps, too.

thanks for your note,

Canon Snob said...

I would like to see some tips on how to do such lighting without an army of assistants--just me! :-)