Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Close Encounter with Wild White Horses Part Duex

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Before getting into this post, but on a somewhat related note . . . . A friend recently said to me, "It's interesting where life has taken me." The following day, I said to him, "It's interesting where you have taken your life."

A few days ago, my photo walkers in Rural Conwy, North Wales had an unexpected experience: a close encounter with wild white horses. Yesterday, at 9 AM, we set out to find the same small herd of horses. That was our main goal for the day. One hour later we encountered the same small herd. 

So I was thinking about my friend . . . and about how we create our own reality. I guess you could say that it's interesting where the road took us . . . .

Anyway, it was truly an amazing experience to spend about one hour with these wild white horses. I photographed them, in a light mist, with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens and Canon 24-105mm lens IS Lens.

As I say in my upcoming Kelby Training class, Light - the main element in every photograph, it's nice to shoot in low contrast light – when the light is soft and even. I leave Sunday to record that class. My current class, Composition - the strongest say of seeing, has been seen more than 7,000 times. Check it out.

How close did we get to the horses? This close! Susan's iPhone photos to come.

During our close encounter, we also made a movie with some tips on photographing white horses - and any light subject against a darker background. It will be up on YouTube soon. Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of Susan (Canon 5D Mark III video and sound) and Pierino Algieri, a wonderful local photographer who helped us out during the shoot.

I'm working on a photo workshop in Rural Conwy for the fall of 2013. Shoot me an email to get on the info list.

Explore the light,


Jesse said...

You weren't kidding about the "close" part. What amazes me the most here is that the animals are in just as good shape or better than any horses for sale in sydney I've seen.

Demmi said...

It is quite rare to see wild horses at this day and age. I heard in Mongolia that there are wild horses still roaming. Nowadays, horses are bred like in this centennial park horse riding.