Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 Days of HDR: Day 6 – Florida Hotel

Final HDR Image
In this series I'll share some of my favorite HDR images and tips. Enjoy.

Title: Florida Hotel

Location: Old Havana, Cuba

Exposures: 0, +2, -2, -3, - 4 EV

Tips: The HDR sequence below (and the exposures above) illustrates why it not always necessary to take the same number of exposures over and under the 0 EV setting.

Most HDR photography is wide-angle lens photography. For a really wide view, try a fish-eye lens. Here I used a 15mm full-frame fish eye lens on my full-frame image sensor camera, my Canon 5D Mark II.

Also, look for chromatic aberrations - weird color bands where dark and light objects meet. Use the "Reduce Chromatic Aberrations" features to reduce them as much as possible. If you still get them, use the Clone Stamp tool or Sponge Tool (set to Desaturate) to eliminate them.

HDR sequence.
You'll find more HDR info in my iHDR iPad app and iHDR for your Mac.

Click here to see the plug-ins I use for HDR.

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