Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Days, 10 Countries, 10 Tips: Day 2 - Cuba

Street scene in Old Havana. Rick Sammon photograph.
It's Day 2 in my travel series here on my blog.

Location: Old Havana, Cuba.

HDR image of the interior of the Florida Hotel. Rick Sammon photograph.
Tip: Tell the whole story. Be prepared to shoot indoors and outdoors and in bright light and in low light. Wear sneakers and walk, walk, walk around the city. Get up early before the streets get crowded with tourists. Also dress appropriately. It's hotter then heck in the summer months.

Photograph the cool old cars parked in front of the cool buildings. Shoot at an angle to create a sense of depth in your photographs.

Street portrait, Old Havana. Rick Sammon photograph.
In telling your story, shoot HDR. I am always ready to shoot HDR, caring a tripod with me all the time. Use a strap on your tripod and you'll always have two free hands for shooting.

Rick in Old Havana with creative camera maker. Susan Sammon photograph.
My basic street shooting/telling-the-story gear:

Canon 5D Mark III  (Two bodies so I am already ready for wide-angle and tele shots).
Canon  70-200 f/4 IS lens
Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite

Here's a nice lightweight travel tripod for a wide-angle lens set-up.

I used Topaz Adjust on the first image and Nik HDR Efex Pro on the interior image. Check out the plug-ins I use here.

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Explore the light,

P.S. Cuba is a wonderful place to photograph wonderful, friendly people. Keep in mind that a smile can open many doors for photographers . . . including car doors.


Tatiana said...

Hi Rick! Your HDR's of Cuba are amazing =)...they make me dream

I Tank Resevoir said...

I like that you see people one-to-one. The world is no bigger. Everyone has a history - everyone has a future. The world is for people the love, learn and grow. Just say "NO' to hate and let the love pour on.

Vernon McKnight said...

Hi Rick! I just returned from Cuba in January. I stayed at the same hotel. The staff there was fantastic. I had such a wonderful experience in Cuba. I met so many wonderful and exciting Cubans, including some Olympian gold boxing medalist. I think and speak of the trip every day. You're right! Cuba is a wonderful place to photograph. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos.