Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Days, 10 Countries, 10 Tips: Day 1 - Bhutan

© Rick Sammon
Today starts a 10-day series on travel photography that I'm running here on my blog. Enjoy.

Location: Royal Kingdom of Bhutan.

Tip: When looking through your camera's viewfinder, scan the scene and be on the lookout for special/unique moments. Keep your finger on the shutter release button and be ready to shoot - before that instant is gone forever.

In the photograph that opens this post, the expression on the little boy's face in the center of the frame makes this photograph special . . . for me. Good thing I was scanning.

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Explore the light,

P.S. If you go to Bhutan, hike up to Tiger's Nest Temple. It's quite a hike to 10,000 feet, but well worth it.

© Rick Sammon


AhGene said...

Hi Rick,

Great post =)!!!

I was wondering if you have any tips or know any interesting places to visit in Jordan?

I will be there couple of days for work but will take another couple days off just to explore the Amman and hopefully Petra.

Rick Sammon said...

AhGene... Sorry, have not been to Jordan. Have fun!