Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Wish I Got That Shot - shots in this case

© Ted Maddux
One of the aspects I especially enjoy about teaching a workshop is seeing how other photographers see. Many times, they see a shot I don't see - and get an awesome result. On more than one occasion, I have said, "I wish I got that shot."

Ted Maddux, a participant on my recent Light workshop in Alaska with Hal "Bull" Schmitt, is one example of a photographer who knows how to see, capture the image, and process the image in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. He's also skilled at BPMUs.

© Ted Maddux
Ted got three in-camera shots I wish I had taken. A tack-sharp shot of a bald eagle coming in for a bite to eat, a close up of a herring in an eagle's talons, and a spectacular sunset. What's more, he made an incredible image called "One second of flight" which is one of the best eagle images I have ever seen.

© Ted Maddux
Ted's thoughts on the workshop: "Hal & Rick's Alaskan photography boot camp was amazing. A week on a $7 million ship (pictured below) in Alaska: Sitka to Petersburg. Six students, two world-class photographers as our instructors. World class views, great food, excellent captain and crew. Rick and Hal are as good as they get. Learn anything you want. These guys are at your side from shooting, to processing your shots, all the way through processing. Want to learn a CS5(6) technique? Done. How about a new plug-in from Hal's collection like,"Basic Dragon." Want sharper photos that really pop? Easy. A curve here and a trick there and your photo and digital darkroom skills have just jumped to the next level."

© Rick Sammon
Hal and I hope to see you in Alaska in 2013. I'll be on the June 25th cruise. Can't wait.

© Ted Maddux
Here is a list of gear I recommend.

Here is one of my posts from our trip with Ted.

If you can't make Alaska, I offer other fun-filled and info-packed workshops.

Explore the light,

P.S. Hal, Ted and I also hope to see you at the California Photo Festival in October. Horses running on the beach are a highlight. I took the shot below at last year's festival.

© Rick Sammon


Miki said...

Hey, how did Ted do this? I saw you guys do something simular but I didn't see this, and he used the drop shadow too-that Ted!

Miki said...

Rick, did you show Ted how to di this when you guys were doing the drop shadow, I have a set of eagles that I want to do this with. I should save them so when we cruise again next year........

Rick Sammon said...

Miki - the frames are added automatically. I'll post a video soon on how to make a cool drop shadow.

Thank you,