Friday, June 15, 2012

Hope To See You On My Unisphere Photo Walk

© Rick Sammon
I'm doing a free photo walk/mini-workshop in July and I hope you can be there.

Date: July 8, 2012 - only if it's not raining.
Meet: Under the Unisphere, pictured above. (I am not walking on the Unisphere!)
Time: 6 PM until dark. The idea is to capture the late afternoon light and to shoot sunset.
1st Event: Group picture at 6 PM under the Unisphere.
How to get there: Click here. It's a Sunday, so you may want to arrive early to get a parking spot.

This event is sponsored by my friends at Nik Software. All of the pictures in this post were processed using Nik Plug-ins. You can get a 15% discount on all Nik plug-ins by using the code RSAMMON upon checkout on the Nik Web site

I'm also going for the a record: Largest group photo taken near sunset of talented New York photographers with a passion for photography. :-)

More than 50 photographers have signed up, so join the fun.

You need to register by sending me an email... not through a Comment here. (We nee your real name and email address in chase of any changes.)

© Rick Sammon
There are tons of photo ops in the park. I'll be there to help you find 'em. The photo above is a closer view of the New York Pavilion that's pictured in the background (on the left) of the photo that opens this post.

Again: Shoot me an email to register for this event. You need to register so we can contact you about any changes.

If you'd like a more intensive workshop, check out my Croton Creative workshop . . . in my backyard. One hour from NYC.

Recommended lenses for the walk:

I also suggest that you bring a tripod (for HDR). Some suggestions:

© Rick Sammon
Explore the light,

P.S. Tell your friends on Goolge+ about this event. The more the merrier.

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