Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Days of 5D Mark III Shots: Day 5

Today's the last day of posts in this series. Thank you all for following along. I hope you have enjoyed the photographs and the tips.

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Luck. That's the topic of topic today's post. I was super lucky to get these two shots, taken seconds apart on the second day of my Alaska workshop with Hal "Bull" Schmitt. Yes, I was ready to shoot, but luck did play a big role in these photographs.

A few quick photography tips here:
- When photographing two or more animals, try to get some separation between the animals.
- The background can make or break the shot. The relatively plain background in these photographs helps the eagles to stand out.
- The eyes have it. If the eyes are not well lit and in sharp focus, you've missed the shot.
- Know your subject.

I can't decide which photograph I like the best. If you have a preference, I'd like to hear why in the Comments here on my blog.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens 

Hal "Bull" Schmitt and I hope you can join us in Alaska in 2013. I will pick the dates for my workshop will Bull soon.

Speaking of saying thank you, check out The Thank You Economy. It's a good - and important - read.

And speaking of books, below are my two favorite - and best-selling - books.

In face to face I share my favorite people photographs and people photography tips.

In Exploring the Light I talk about how to get the best possible in-camera exposure.

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Scott Hopper said...

I like the second shot best. There's more emotion in the eagle that is grabbing the fish. Otherwise both are fantastic shots! Thanks for opening up your bag of tips, tricks and luck!

Keith Krueger said...

I like the second better also. Maybe I'm reading into things but there seems to be more intensity and emotion in the eagles' eyes in the second shot. That focused look of the bird comes through in the picture and makes it special.

iamunique127 said...

I see why you are conflicted for preference of a photo. So am I, because each has a stronger component IMO.

I find the posture of the left eagle in the first photo more informative whereas the pose of the top eagle in the second photo is more dramatic.

I am really struck by the image quality after what must be a quite extreme crop.

Thanks for the images and tips.