Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rick's List: Death Valley Photo Gear

Photograph © Rick Sammon
I'm already planning for my Death Valley Workshop next year (Feb 21 - 27) with pros Randy Van Duinen and Jeff Leimbach, the dudes who run the digital photo workshops. How cool . . . and how hot!

Here's my gear list – Rick's List - for the workshop. You can also use this gear list for most landscape photography.

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Two Canon 5D Mark III cameras - one as a back up.

Canon 15mm lens (my lens) or Canon 8-15mm lens (getting it soon) - for fun fish-eye shots.

Canon 14mm lens - for an extremely wide view.

Canon 17-40mm lens - my basic landscape lens.

Canon 24-105mm lens - for closer views in landscape photography.

Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens - to isolate elements in a landscape.

Canon battery chargers - so I have power.

Arctic Butterfly - for cleaning my sensor.

Photograph © Rick Sammon
Tiffen Polarizing filter - to darken the sky and to whiten clouds.

Lexar 16GB cards

Induro CT 214 tripod

Induro BHD1 ball head

MacbookPro loaded with Photoshop, Lightroom and all my plug-ins.

Head-mounted flashlight and hand-held flashlights - for seeing in the dark.

Lexar card reader - for fast downloading.

Lacie 500GB portable hard drive - for storing my images.

Lowepro Vertex 300 AW - all my gear (except my tripod) fits in this comfortable backpack.

We still have a few spots open on the workshop. Hope to see you there.

Photographs © Rick Sammon
Explore the light,

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Eric said...

Rick, I'd suggest you look at Silicon Power for a road disk drive. Fully waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, etc. No, don't work for them, but have had my bacon saved by one of their drives.

Have fun in one of America's great places to take pictures!


RFHigdon said...

Dang, Rick, after your workshop I bought the 24-100 Canon lens, a light meter (thanks to Joe Brady, and a copy of Photomatics HDR software. All good choices, however!

Jeff Kane said...

You just saved me an hour plus probably 5 things I would have missed - thanks. Looking forward to the workshop.

godfather said...

I recently downloaded on Feb 15, 2012 the app Rick Sammon's Light it! The app downloaded however, I am having a problem with the "SOUND" there is no SOUND. I checked out the sound with other apps I have and this is the only one that is giving me a problem. I would like to know how can this be resolved, I paid $4.99 plus tax for this app?

Rick Sammon said...

godfather.... the sound is there. there is no way the sound could not be there. check the mute button on your iPad. let me know. thank you, rick