Friday, February 24, 2012

Death Valley Photography Workshop: Day 1 - Sand Dunes

© Rick Sammon
It's day one of my workshop with The Digital Photo Workshops here in Death Valley.

We had a blast this morning photographing the sand dunes.

A basic tip: You snooze you lose. You gotta get up early and stay out late to capture the beautiful shadows created by a rising or setting sun.

Remember: Light reveals, shadows define.

Also, envision the end-result and crop creatively. Here I cropped out the top and bottom of the frame to draw attention to the beautiful sand dunes in the center of the frame.

More images to come.

Explore the light,

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Will Moneymaker said...

I can't wait for the tips!! How's the weather? I'm planning on going up there next week.

Igor Maric said...

Wow I really wish I could be there. Sadly, I'm so far away I can only dream. :)
On the other hand I love how you try to teach through every blog post. Light reveals - shadows define. One should always be aware of this.
Thank you for the inspirational work you do Mr Sammon.

PS: I love the dunes above. Amazing shot!