Friday, January 27, 2012

Florida Photo Caravan 11th Shoot: South Beach Sunrise

© Rick Sammon
This morning I helped the workshop participants makes pictures. I used a hose from the Avalon hotel to wet down the street to create some nice reflections. I also suggested using Topaz Adjust/ Spicify to make the images pop.

© Rick Sammon
Above is my original image.

For info on Topaz, check out my plug-ins page. Save a bundle on a Topaz Bundle while you are there.

© Rick Sammon
Speaking of Topaz Ajdust, I also suggested using some of the effects on some of our sunrise shots. Above I used the Venice Painting effect.

© Rick Sammon
Above: Exposure Correction effect.

© Rick Sammon
Above: original lack-luster image.

I hope to see you on one of my workshops... maybe in Florida in 2013.

Explore the light,

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RedTerror said...

Thanks for posting the originals here. I find HDR stuff to be most informative when I see what the photog started with!