Sunday, January 8, 2012

Create a Cool Image with Nik's Color Efex Pro

I'm running a fun contest for image-makers who live in the US. It's US only because I will ship an autographed copy of my book, Exploring the Light, to the winner.

I'll also feature the winning image here on my blog.

Use the two images below to create a cool composite, and then use Nik Software's Color Efex Pro as a finishing touch, as I did on the image above. My filter: Midnight. Be sure to tell me which filter/effect you used. A few folks have forgotten to add the filter.....

Try not to place the moon in the same position as I did.

© Rick Sammon
© Rick Sammon
You can simply drag the images to your desktop and start the Photoshop and Nik Software fun. Your file will be low res, and that is OK.

If you don't have Color Efex Pro, you can get a 15% discount by using this code – RSAMMON - when you order the plug-in from the Nik web site. While you are on the Nik site, check out the other plug-ins.

Post your image on your blog or site and let me know where it is by leaving a Comment here.

Deadline is January 16, 2012.

I took both of these images with my Canon 100-400mm IS lens on my Canon 7D.

Explore the light,

P.S. I teach stuff like this on my workshops. Shooting, too :-)


Sam said...

Hi Rick,

I don't have a blog or a site but I do have Flickr account at which I posted my entry. Here's the Flickr-generated short URL:

-- Sam

Darina Boycheva said...

Hi Rick,
Thank you for sharing the photos and for the cool contest. I just created my composite and finished it with Nik's Bi-Color Filters and Nik's Polaroid Transfer from the Color Efex. You can view my submission here:

SharonWillson said...

Hi Rick - This is a very fun assignment!

I don't have a blog, but I posted the image I created on Google +. Here is a link:

I used the Brilliance/Warmth and Colorize filters.

Sharon Willson

John Leger Photography said...

Hi Rick, I posted the photo on Google+ and shared it with you, hope you see it.

Lj Sanders-Smeelie said...

Shame its U.S citizens only would have loved to have joined in, looks like fun, Love your Photography and loving my NIK CEP4_ Cheers and kind wishes, LJ from OZ :-)

Rick Sammon said...

Lj.... Shipping internationally is a pain with custom forms, etc. I have shipped books to Canada that have been stuck in customs.... Anyway, that is the reason.

tblphotography said...


Question for you. Do you mind if I post your three photos that you made for this contest on my blog along with links to your site? I would like to post how I got to the making of the photograph I want to submit.

Thanks, and love your work!

Jason Ebberts

Lauren Blackwell said...

My entry is on Google+

tblphotography said...

Hi Rick,

I posted the photo to G+ here:

I would like to post the work flow on my blog with your pics leading up to it...if you don't mind?

Thanks and great work!

Jason Ebberts

Rick Sammon said...

tbl. sure.. but please add link to

thank you

P.S. Best to ask questions via email :-)

Jan Thomas Hebel said...!i=1664817204&k=4BQzJrZ

Mrgee59 said...

Rick, I shared my version of the composite with you on Google+ at:

NIK Color Effex Pro3, Infrared Filter, Method 3, inside Aperture 3.2.2.

Rogers Photography said...

I normally don't do this but I needed a break. Link is here:

I will probably keep it up for a couple of days.

Rogers Photography said...

I normally don't do this but I needed a break. Link is here:

I will probably keep it up for a couple of days.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I started out really conservative (as is my nature)... Then I decided to go all out and see what I could come up with. I like the results and I made the adjustments to my blog as you suggested. You can check it out at this location:

Thanks again!

Tony G said...

Can you please let me know if my post made it?

Tony G said...

Here is my entry for the contest

I used the fog and Bi-color filter
along with a little help from Viveza 2
And a couple of cool layers

First time trying this...It was fun thanks

S/V Laura Ellen said...

Here is my attempt at the composite,

I used NIK's Color Efex Pro 4 - Film Efex: Faded

Chris Duarte said...

Aloha Rick,

Perfect day to play with a little compositing. Shame I'm not very good, but it was good practice.

Here is my entry - Midnight Delivery:

Graduated Fog
Pro Contrast

Unknown said...

Sweet exercise.
I made this one using Black and White Conversion and Tonal Contrast.
Here is a link to my Google+

CDC Design and Photography said...

Hi Rick,
This was lots of fun. Here's my version.
I love following you - wish I had your energy! Always appreciate your wisdom and tips! Thanks.

Bonnie said...

Hi Rick,
Since I don't have a blog, I've posted it to my Google+ at:

~Bonnie Fiser

James Haverstock said...


For my image at, I forgot to addd that you must click on the thumbnail image in my post. The thumbnail is too small to see any detail in the actual image.

STF4 said...

Hi Rick,

First off, thanks for holding this contest. It was great fun!

Here is the link to my image:

I showed your images, with full credit to you, and links to your page, on my blog post about this contest. I hope you don't mind, and will edit the content if you wish me to do so.

I used the Graduated Fog, Pro Contrast, and Cross Balance effects on the moon, adjusting each as needed, and saved this as a recipe. Then, after completing the composite, I applied the saved recipe to the final image.