Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank You 7,000 Times

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Hi All,

My latest Kelby Training Class, "Composition: the strongest way of seeing," has been watched almost 7,000 times. So many, many thanks to those photographers!

In the one-hour-plus class, I talk about the important rules of composition – rule of odds, rule of thirds, leading lines and so on . . . and why it's important to break those time-proven rules - and to follow your heart. I talk about that in the "Composition and You" segments of the class.

Rule of odds. Photograph © Rick Sammon
Speaking of breaking the rules of composition, as Andreas Feininger said when I interviewed him in 1979, "It's important to know the rules of composition before you break them."

And speaking of rules, Ansel Adams said, "The so-called rules of composition are, in my mind, invalid, irrelevant and immaterial." So there! :-)

Dead center is deadly. Photograph © Rick Sammon
In addition to talking about composing a picture technically, I discuss the importance of composing a picture emotionally, as I did when I photographed by dad in his study with his walker . . . shortly before he died.

Compose emotionally. Photograph © Rick Sammon
You might think that my dad's hands are too big in this picture. I composed emotionally, with the hands large in the photograph, because my dad's hands were important to me. When I was a kid, he used to lean over my shoulders with his large hands and help me with my homework during my "formative years."

Here is what a reader of my blog wrote about this picture when it was first published:
- it's full of symbolic, emotional content
- looking into the distance, contemplating the edge (the end) is near, time (watch), space
- life is behind him, yet he is still connected to this world (watch again)
- going through the daily cycle (circular movement in his arms, leading to his aged face)
- growing older by the day
- drawing ever nearer to the edge of darkness
- still grounded to the earth by the cold metal of the walker
- walker keeps him in the photo and connects him to the photographer, his son, his future
-   carry on, carry on my son
- but I am not long for this world
- long have I watched and guided you, but now I am content
- my gaze is directed elsewhere.

Composing emotionally works.

Compose artistically. Photograph © Rick Sammon
I also discuss composing artistically - and much, much more.

As you will see in this video, I like to make learning fun!

Explore the light,


Alex Cordeiro said...

Great class, Rick! I watched it yesterday and probably will watch it again a couple more times soon.

Bella said...

Me, too. I watched it. A good review and new ideas as well.

I like your teaching style...I didn't once want to lay my head on my desk.

Rick Sammon said...

We have a phrase in Medicine that states the Eye does not see what the Brain does not know.
Your training was great on Kelby Training; helping me to see the best way to capture the moment.
As an Ophthalmologist we deal with light on a daily basis.

Timothy Gordon, MD

Columbia Eye Associates
1050 N James Campbell Blvd
Suite 100
Columbia, Tenn 38401

Gary Trumbo said...

Great class, enjoyed every minute and now need to go out and shoot instead of sitting in the studio.

Cindy LeGrand said...

Rick, it was a wonderful class. Thanks for your insight. I hope to attend one of your workshops one day. I missed out on a St. Augustine workshop a few years ago. I only made it as far as the waiting list. But I saw some of your attendees roaming around town that week.

Dipayan Bhattacharjee said...

Excellent piece of information... Thank u so much for sharing!!

Michael said...

Just watched it I thought it was fantastic. Tons of insight. Thanks!

Robert Thorne said...

Here we have the very reason I've been practicing to the bones how to use our Panasonic Cameras. It's not everyday you come across someone who can take amazing shots like those.