Friday, October 7, 2011

What's Your Favorite National Park - and Why?

Bryce Canyon National Park. © Rick Sammon
I'm on a National Park kick today. I was just wondering: What is your favorite National Park - and why?

Post a comment in the Comments section here on my blog. I - and other blog followers/National Park lovers - would love to hear your thoughts. What's more, if you have pictures, include a specific link. Share and share alike.

Mt. Rainier National Park. © Rick Sammon 
Explore the light - and explore the wonders and beauty of our National Parks.

Zion National Park. © Rick Sammon
Arches National Park. © Rick Sammon
If you enjoy or parks, and want to help preserve them, check out the National Parks Conservation Association.

All the photographs in the post were taken with my Canon digital SLRs and Canon lenses. See my Gear page for info. Enjoy the weekend!

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Rory said...

It's Plitvička jezera in Croatia :D
They are just so beautiful and mesmerising :D Feeling very relaxed there.

Rick Sammon said...

Rory.... WOW. I did not know about this place in Croatio. I gotta get there someday.

Thank you very much.

Hey, maybe I'll do a workshop there.


bobwyo said...

Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Why? It's seldom very crowded, has a selection of desert terrain that satisfies every taste and is harder than heck to photograph. Always something else to try to figure out. I love it! Capitol Reef Images

KC said...


Not only because it is relatively close (4 hour drive to the valley) and that it is the only NP I've been too; but the diversity of the area.

The monstrous Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove, the thunderous waterfalls and skyscraper-size iconic cliffs of the valley, and the gorgeous meadows and streams of Tuolomne Meadows make for very diverse opportunities for landscape photography.

While I have yet to fully explore all these areas (finances, time, physical ability, and limited equipment), each time I return is a transformation into another world—it feels like home.

Various shots of Yosemite can be found on my 500px site linked in my name.

Stuart Sipahigil said...

It may be the most visited national park, but my favorite is The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I try to get there every year and sometimes, I get images like this one:

John Z. said...

Hey Rick,

Arikok National Park in Aruba was beautiful. Not that much to do, but It has some amazing views and very unique rock formations.

John Z.

Gary V Kohl said...

I have visited several of the parks, and intend to visit more. I live near Smokey Mountain NP. We have made several trips out west and visited Rocky Mountain NP, Yellowstone, Glacier and a few others. They are all so awesome it it hard to pick one. I think I liked Glacier the best. We did the trail at Logan's Pass out to view Lost Lake. The views and moreso, the isolation took my breath away. Even with other people around I felt so small. It was so peaceful. I think I could have just sat for days on end looking in every direction.

Jerry Nielsen said...

I don't know Bryce Canyon National Park, but, that picture sure looks a lot like Zion National Park, to me. But what I AM sure of; it is a great photo! :)

B. Hechel Photography said...
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Helder said...

My favorite is Yosemite National Park. I love creeks, rivers, waterfalls, moutains, valleys, and Yosemite brings me all of them together. Its an amazing place.

B. Hechel Photography said...

Isle Royale National Park. Located in the northern portion of Lake Superior it is only accessible by boat or small plane. At approximately 45 miles long and 9 miles wide the only way to explore the island is by backpack as motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island. As much as I love technology sometimes a week away from everything is good too.

Jay said...

Rick, I have to add my vote for Yosemite. The valley alone, although heavily visited, has so much beauty packed within a half mile (approximately) by 6 mile area that it's a natural to be a fave. When you add the areas outside the valley, such as Tuolomne, Tanaya Lake and the eastern side with Tioga Lake at 10,00 feet, it's an absolute no-brainer!

Claudia said...

Acadia National Park in Maine, sadly no current images.

Zen Photography said...

monument valley national park because of the first peoples connection to earth which resonates in my soul.

Len Cohen said...

I love Yellowstone the best of all the National Parks. The amazing thing about Yellowstone is the variety of geothermal features - every 25 miles on the north or the south loop, there is a new and different geothermal feature! Nowhere else on earth is there such a variety.

Mike Braaten said...

Glacier National Park in Montana - because I grew up near there.

Betty Wiley said...

My favorite National Park of all time is Grand Teton National Park, near Jackson, Wyoming. Why? Well, the mountains are breathtaking and it's a wonderful place for landscape photography (Oxbow bend, Schwabacher Landing...the list goes on and on). But, wait...there is so much more...wildlife like buffalo, prong horn sheep, elk and moose are found in the park and if you like photographing old barns, sheds, fences...just head over to a spot called "mormon row"...great stuff. The Grand Tetons have it all and Yellowstone is close by! My images are here...

Kevin McNamee said...


Great question and always tough to choose just one national park.

So I will offer that in the United States, my favourite is Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as my family have made the trip from Ottawa five times over the last decade. Wonderful landscapes, excellent place to introduce kids to nature, and excellent staff.

In Canada, you have to visit Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, a collection of 138 islands that protects temperate rainforest, Haida totem poles and is a wilderness on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Kevin McNamee
Ottawa, Canada