Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thank You Croton Creative Workshop Photographers

Just a quick "thank you" to all the talented photographers who participated in my fall 2011 Croton Creative Workshop (one hour from NYC). You all did an amazing job. What's more, we had a blast!

Above is our group shot, taken at one of my favorite shooting locations, a nearby Buddhist temple. Below is a cool shot (taken by John Dutsar) of the Buddhist temple.

I also want to thank the Croton Fire Department for letting my group shoot in one of the firehouses. I took the photograph below to illustrate the technique: the closer you are to a subject, the more intimate the picture becomes. Here I used my Canon 15mm lens on my Canon 7D.

And below is our group shot with Tom "Tex" Dinkler, who helped coordinate our shoot at the firehouse. Thanks, Text!

During my Croton workshops, I make a BIG print of a student's image that I really like. Below: John Virgolino and I are holding a 24 x 53-inch print of the Buddhist temple that I made for him on my Canon IPF 6350 printer. Nice work, John . . . stitching together 21 images for this super pano!

Below is my own favorite shot from yesterday. Yes! We do studio work, too! Click here to read about it.

Below: Nice shots Ned (left) and Bryon (right)!

I hope to see you soon on another workshop. Croton Creative Students: If you have a web gallery, post it in the Comments here on my blog. I would love to see more of your pictures!

I am currently setting the dates for two 2012 Croton Creative Workshops.

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Explore the light,


Of course we shoot at the New Croton Dam! Above is a wonderful image by Don Smith. I like the depth of this image. Below is a nice pano from Bernie Perry.


Paul A. said...


Thanks for a great workshop. Here's a link to some of my pictures.

Paul A.

John Virgolino said...

I second that. A great workshop with lots of learning and fun the whole way through in a gorgeous area of NY! So going back!

dds42000 said...

Great workshop with great people to work with. Both Rick and Susan did a great job to help us be better photographers, thanks.


Rick Sammon said...

From Bryon.. one of our workshop participants:

The workshop I attended was terrific. Rick’s energy level is something to behold and one of the various reasons that the workshop succeeded so well. Another, at least for me, is that Rick covered areas that I really need help with— included the use of flash in the field, studio lighting, and portrait photography. As for the locations, I was very happy to visit and photograph the dam. The Buddhist Temple wasn’t particularly exciting for me, but I realize that in this I’m probably a minority of one.

No advice for improving the workshops from me other than letting it evolve naturally. I liked it just the way it was. Allbestregards,
Byron Annis
La Crosse WI

PS: The restaurants were exceptional for this mid-westerner— the pizza at Bella Paula was perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Thanks for your work as workshop organizer.