Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Light Speedlite Wonders

Today was the last day of my Croton Creative Workshop. We did it all during the past three days: indoors, outdoors, HDR, speedlites, reflectors/diffusers Lightroom, Photograph, people, etc.

This afternoon we focused on speedlite photography - using only one one light and one reflector. The main purpose of this session was to demonstrate different lighting techniques. Had this been a serious studio shoot, I would have ironed the background.

Above is one of my favorites shots. It illustrates that you can indeed get cool lighting with one light.

Above is a behind-the-scenes shots taken by workshop student Danel Hernendez.

Notice that the soft box is not pointed directly at the subject. Rather, it's pointed in front of the subject. In doing so, the light falling on the subject is soft and flattering. This is called feathering the light.

Also note: the larger the light, the softer the light; the closer the light, the softer the light.

The cool painted background was provided by Westcott.

The softbox on the left is a Westcott Apollo soft box.

The gold reflector on the right is from the Westcott 6-in-1 reflector diffuser kit.

I am shooting with my Canon 7D and 24-105mm lens.

The Canon 580EX II in the softbox is fired from the Canon ST-E2 mounted in the hot-shoe of my camera.

Here are the links to some of the gear:

Canon 580EX II Speedlite

Westcott 6-1 Kit
Westcott 1032 6-in-1 Reflector Kit 42in.

One of the cool things about my studio workshops is that the students can see the results of their work during the shooting sessions.

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Explore the light,

P.S. See more lighting techniques on my October creativeLive class.


Sunny Archibald said...

Is the fact that your flash was in a softbox the reason you used the ST-E2 rather than allowing the 7D to trigger the flash? That would be my assumption, but I've learned it's better to ask than to assume.

Rick Sammon said...

Sunny.... I was sharing my ST-E with all the Canon shooters, some 5D Mark II and some 1Ds....


Sunny Archibald said...

Thank you for responding. If you were shooting solo, would the 7D have been able to trigger the flash in the softbox? Can you tell I'm just learning?

Rick Sammon said...

Sunny, technically, no - but in a small room I have found it to work almost all the time.

Thank you,

Sunny Archibald said...

No, thank you for taking the time to help me learn.

Abe said...

Can you please explain what the exposure settings were and what your thought process was with regards to balancing the ambient light and flash?


Rick Sammon said...

Abe.... Let me make a post or video on this....