Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hope to See You At Photo Plus in NYC

Hey! Just got word that I'll be doing a Canon 600EX-RT speedlite demo at the Canon booth at Photo Plus Expo this year: 

Javits Center, NYC
Canon Speedlite Booth
10/25 at 1 PM
10/27 at 10 AM

I hope to see you there.

Below are some shots and tips from last year's show.

Keep in mind that these photos were taken on the busy trade show floor – which illustrates the point that you can create nice lighting anywhere with a trusty Speedlite.

The goal in my sessions: illustrate how to create cool and flattering lighting by following my now-famous advice: "Take the darn flash off the camera."

Above: left is an on-camera flash shot; right is an off-camera flash shot (580EX II in a Westcott Apollo Softbox) . . . with a bit of Photoshop work.

Above: I placed one Canon 580 EX II directly behind our model for a dramatic silhouette. The different colors were created with HONL gels placed over the flash head.

Above: A variation of the background/gel pose/technique.

Above: Me checking my shot. Photo by Richard Herring. Thanks, Richard!

Above: Two more examples of taking the flash off the camera. Left: One Canon 580EX Speedlite in my softbox to illuminate the model's face, and another Canon 580EX Speedlite  placed behind the model and off to the side for a bit of backlighting. Right: Model is facing the light. (Thank you Jack Reznicki for showing me this latter technique.)

Above: Two flashes were used. One fired toward the lens and one placed in my softbox.

Above: Two flashes were used. One fired toward the lens and one placed in my softbox.

You can learn more more about lighting in my apps.

I also give Master Your Flash workshops in Croton on Hudson, NY.

Finally, two more words of thanks: Thanks to my models Shannon and Lorenzo – atrue professionals.

And thanks to Vered Koshlano, who organized all the models at the Canon booth. As always, you were and are amazing.

Above: Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the Canon ETT-L Wireless Flash Studio.

Explore the light,

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vered said...

Great work as usual Rick :)
I have to say I was impressed you could make that (less then attractive) background look so good!
You rock!