Monday, October 31, 2011

Herbie Hancock - Glowing with Joy and Happiness

What a blast last night at the Canon party in NYC to introduce the new Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer. The printer looks awesome - as do the prints that it produces.

For me, it was an extra special evening. One of my jazz idols, every since I attended Berklee College of Music in the early 70's, Herbie Hancock, was the guest performer - and he expertly and exquisitely performed some of his - and my - favorite pieces.

Herbie was glowing joy and happiness. It was wonderful to see someone enjoying himself so much - ever second of the evening.  A big smile never left his face. And what energy! Not bad for guy 71. Talk about being an inspiration.

• • • 

I'm kinda known for my one-liners, my photo philosophies. One of my favorites: We are a part of everyone we meet. 

I think ever jazz musician becomes part of his or her heros. We pick up technique here and there. We try to emulate the master. It's actually kinda cool when you think about it. This, of course, is true for photographers, too . . . to say nothing about parents.  :-)

In my seminars, I make the suggestion: photographing what you love - because you'll feel an affinity for the subject.

Well, who could not love Herbie Hancock and his music.

I had a stage-side shooting spot. The light was low, so I needed to boost my ISO. Most of these shots were taken at ISO 3200 and above. I shot with my Canon EOS 7D and Canon 24-105mm IS lens.

In real estate, location is everything. Location, location, location. Same for concert photography.

As with all bands, the bass and drums are anchors.

The bass player in Herbie's band was not only an anchor, he exuded coolness. What a cool dude.

Explore the light - and be good . . . because you have the opportunity to become part of everyone you meet.


P.S. Here's a pix of the Pixma Pro-1. Kinda cool - as cool as the music last night.

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