Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$ave on Plug-ins and Plug Into Creativity

Want to feel creative and save money at the same time? Check out these plus-ins and my discounts and offers:

Nik Software's Color Efex Pro & HDR Efex Pro - Save 15%
Save 15% if you use this code – RSAMMON – upon check-out on the Nik web site. Actually, you can save 15% on all Nik plug-ins - including Color Efex Pro! Just use the same code.

Photomatix - Save 15%
The image above was created with Photomatix. You can save 15% when you order Photomatix by using this code: ricksammon. Here is a short movie to get you started with Photomatix Pro.

Perfect Photo Suite - Save 10%
Save 10% on all the plug-ins in onOne's Software's Photo Suite 6: Perfect Portrait, Perfect Layers, Perfect Effects, Perfect Masks, Photo Essentials4. Just use this code upon checkout.

Topaz Adjust - save a bundle when you order a bundle
Topaz Adjust is just too cool. Above I used the Spicify Effect. Click here to order Topaz Adjust. Hey, save a bundle when you order a Topaz bundle.

Topaz B&W Effects - bundle it with Topaz Adjust
Click here to read about it!

Nik Silver Efex Pro - Save 15% 
Save 15% when you use this code - RSAMMON - upon check-out on the Nik web site


Anonymous said...

Sorry, your coupon code does not work on Nik site. Maybe have them check it out? Thanks.

Rick Sammon said...

Anon....The code is correct - for the US web site. I added that in my post.

If you are in the US, please try again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick
It does now. I had a problem with the code yesterday and this morning.

BTW, really like your podcast and site.

Cheers - John (Anon)