Monday, October 10, 2011

Master Your Flash Workshop Roundup

Photograph by Rick Sammon
Yesterday, I ran my October Master Your Flash workshop here in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. The group, 10 dedicated and talented students, had a ton of flash fun - and flash learning, of course.

BTW: Having a small group gives everyone the opportunity to shoot - and walk away with cool photographs. That's why I limit the size of these groups.

Photo by Susan Sammon
FYI: To add a beautiful glow to our model's face, I used the Glamour Glow filter in Nik Color Efex Pro. You can get a 15 percent discount on all Nik software by using this code upon checkout: RSAMMON.

Shoot me an email to get on my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Sessions.

Photograph by Susan Sammon
Our main lighting sources were Westcott 28-inch Apollo Speedlite Kits, which produced beautiful and soft lighting.

We triggered our Canon 580 EX II speedlites with Pocket Wizards.

It was cool that we were able to transform a small room, originaly designed as office space, into a cool photo studio, using a few accessories, including a cool hand-painted background from Westcott.

Photograph by Rick Sammon
The  students were introduced to my latest speedlite lighting accessory - the Rick Sammon Light Controller (used above). I can't show it to you here, but I will be using it on my creativeLive class in two week. :-) :-)

You'll see the reason for the happy faces during the class.

Photograph by Rick Sammon
The students really enjoyed working with Honl gels because the gels added to, and changed, the mood of their photographs. You can save 10% on all Honl speedlite accessories by using this code upon checkout: RICK2011.

Photo by Joe Brady
To illustrate my lighting technique, I shot tethered and projected the images on an Elite portable screen for the group to see. In the studio, I always shoot tethered.

In addition to thanking all the students for joining the speedlite photo fun, I want to thank Joe Brady from the Mac Group for lending his expertise - indoors and out! See photo below - where Joe, seated, is illustrating daylight fill-in flash.

I also want to thank my friends at FJ Westcott for helping out with the lighting accessories and backgrounds.

And last but certainly not least, we all want to thank our beautiful model for the day, Laurence Yang. You were terrific.

I hope to see you on one of my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Session workshops - or on any of my Croton workshops or USA Workshops.

Shoot me an email to get on my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Sessions.

This just in: a gallery of fun behind-the-scenes shots by Dick Higdon. Thanks, Dick, for sharing!

Explore the light,

P.S. Want to learn more about lighting. Check out my apps!


jraggio said...

Proud to say I was there when Rick captured these images. I even have one on my memory card that is a "close approximation." I attended the workshop yesterday and had an absolute blast. I had a great time and learned quite a bit as well. Rick was as friendly and knowledegable in person as he seems to be on various podcasts I have listened to over the years.

taffyyarn said...

i can not wait till next week... i will be at creativelive... this is going to be amazing!

Rick Sammon said...

Here are some emails we received about the event. Thank you!

Hi Susan, Rick, and Joe,

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. It was a very valuable day, filled with exciting new techniques which I can't wait to start applying. The workshop was very inspiring and meeting new and talented people made the day even better. We had a very nice group. Truly where friendships begin.

Rick and Joe, you did an amazing job. I thank you for always answering my questions.

Take care,

I second that, John. I left feeling inspired and hopeful, and am eager to try to replicate some of the techniques I learned, and experiment with my flash anew. I also look forward to keeping in touch so many new photographer friends, and to joining Rick for another workshop in the future.

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to visit my websites and flickr page. I'd value any thoughts, ideas, and constructive criticisms you might have of my site and photos.

Okay, I'm off to set up my Google+ account.

Thanks again to everyone.

Happy snapping,


I had a fantastic time. As I mentioned over dinner, it was really like
a mini vacation for me. I enjoyed learning, taking pictures, sharing
two meals with interesting and intelligent people. I really did not
want to go home. The alarm came way too quickly at 5:00 am today.

I want to thank all of you, not just the instructors and our model for
a memorable day. I look forward to doing something like this again.

John "R"