Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before Apps, I Produced Books :-)

Yes, I am known among newer digital photographers for my iPad and iPhone apps, but I have a few books, too. :-) 

Here are my favorites.

Click on the book covers for more info and to order. 

Hey! As of today, Exploring the Light is my most popular book. Today: only 1 copy left on Amazon.com Thanks to those who bought the book!


If you have an iPad, click here to see my apps.

Explore the light,


Tom Baker said...

Hey Rick just so you know your Exploring the Light is still one of my favorite photography books. Between that and Kelby's Digital Photography volume 1 I think I learned 95% of the important stuff. I still flip through it from time to time.

CGarison said...

These books need a warning label indicating that they may take you harmless hobby of photography and turn it into a potential life wrecking obsession of trying to get the perfect set of images and then applying the perfect post processing techniques to make stunning art. The side effects can range from a damaged social life to empty pocket syndrome.

Rick, your books are fantastic and I hope your iPad apps continue to inspire people wanting to better their photography skills the way your books and videos have impacted my hobby.