Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is Google+ The Next Big Social Media Marketing Tool?

Well, I've only had my Google+ account up for about a for a week - and I'm loving it. (Google+ is not officially launched. You need an invite to join.)

I'm not alone in lovin' Google+. Many of my fellow professional photographer friends (more than 50) are currently in my main Circle (a cool feature that lets you make select groups). What's more,  even a few well-respected pros are having Hangouts (where you can quickly and easily set up live video chats with folks in Circles).

I'm lovin' how easy it is to upload a picture, and a bunch of pictures - and to share those pictures. Adding links and videos is easy, too.

All this stuff is easy to learn with the videos that Google+ offers.

I also like the super clean look of Google+ pages. That look makes one's pictures really stand out.

Getting back to my fellow professional photographers, many are starting to use Google+ as an additional social media marketing tool - adding it to twitter and facebook as ways to spread the word about the stuff they are doing. Guess what? Me, too!

So if you are a pro or an aspiring pro, I'd recommend that you check out Google+ and look at its possibilities are as marketing tool. In the meantime, my guess is that your fellow photographers will be doing just that. :-)

Of course, Google+ is also great for keeping up-to-date with what your family members and close friends are doing. Yup! Just create another Circle.

Take a tour of Google+. Stay tuned for the official launc.

Explore the light,

P.S. I'll be covering many topics on my creativeLive class in October, including the Business Side of Photography/Social Media Marketing. I'm sure by then I'll be much more into Google+ . . . . and whatever new social media marketing tools come our way. Hope to see you there.


Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the great information. I always love to read more about social media and marketing.
I have my own site. I hope to offer tips as well. Thank you.

JackDeth said...

I've been wanting to try this service for some time now. Do you need to get an invite from another individual? Or does it have to come directly from Google? If you have extra invites, would you send me one? Pllleeeaasseee? :-)

Rick Sammon said...

Jack... shoot me an email via my blog.