Monday, June 27, 2011

Workshop Digital Diaries: San Miguel de Allende - Day 1

It's the end of day #1 of my workshop here in San Miguel de Allende for Foto Workshops Mexico.

I was originally going to title this post, "So Few, So Many in San Miguel de Allende," because I have been to so few places where there are so many photo opportunities. This place is a photographer's paradise.

We spent most of the day making pictures, rather than simply taking pictures. Here are a few of my favorite shots - along with some tips.

Above: shoot at an angle to create a sense of depth in an image. Also, photograph subjects in the shade for soft, flattering and even lighting.

Are you loving the colors in this picturesque colonial city? To enhance the colors and details in a scene, check out the effects in Topaz Adjust. For info on Topaz Adjust, click here.

Above: our translator, Adriana Toledo, doubled as our model. When photographing a person, try to isolate the head so it does not get lost in the background.

Above: I used the Crisp effect in Topaz Adjust to add some detail and color to this beautiful street scene.To get max depth of field, use a wide-angle lens, select a small aperture, and focus 1/3 into the scene.

Above: Shoot an action shot as well as a portrait. Thanks Oscar for working with my workshop students. (Yes! Oscar, a local artist, knows about ZZ Top - and he also plays guitar.)

Above: Come on one of a workshop. Great fun making pictures! Lots of learning and sharing, of course.

Above, work with reflections, especially after it rains.

I hope to see you in San Miguel in 2012. Shoot me an email to get on my workshop list.

Explore the light,
P.S. What makes this San Miguel workshop special - and different - is that is run by folks who live in Mexico.


JimmyD said...

Great images and tips Rick! I was in San Miguel several years and fell in love with it. Would love to go back, but seeing these pics is a good substitute!

Humberto Flores said...

impressed with his work ... Congratulations very good art work
my name is Humberto Flores and I would like your opinion of mine. I have to give me the task of uploading more photos I've taken I sent the link to my gallery greetings from Mexico Saltillo Coahuila...

JoLo said...

Thanks for the tips. Enjoyed seeing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, Looking forward to your posts for the rest of the week. I was there a few years ago. Your photos are reminding me of he great photo opportunities there. Will get back one day!

Juan Ignacio Figueroa said...

Ignacio Figueroa
For us being stundents with Rick it is a great experience, lot of things we have learned, new friends and this pristine town make us feel our dreams, thanks Rick for comming to Mexico, you will always be welcome, remember the quartz stones, friends as rocks, clear in our souls.

Foto Workshops México said...

Hi Rick the workshop in San Miguel de Allende has been a really good experience for all of us, thank you so much my friend.