Saturday, June 18, 2011

Share Your Times Square Photos on Sammon's SmugMug Site - And View the Gallery!

Thanks to all those who joined the fun at my Times Square photo shoot today!

Thank you Juan Pons from joining the fun and for recording a Q&A segment for our DPE podcast.

Thank you Jeremy Pollack for taking our group shot.

And thanks to all our friends at Smugmug for all their help!

Here is the link for uploading your pictures to the special SmugMug site. You don't have to have a SmugMug account to post your shots. Also, everyone can view the Gallery!

We'll take a look and pick the winners early next week.

Like the design of the SmugMug site? The folks at SmugMug can customize a site for you. Click here to start building your site. Save 20 percent the first year by using this code: RickSmug20.

If you want to spice up your photos - with cool colors and details - try the Spicify filter in Topaz Adjust. I used it on the shot above. You can save a bundle on Topaz plug-ins when you order a bundle. Click here for info.
Explore the light,

P.S. Below are two of my behind-the-scenes shots. We had a blast! More behind-the-scenes- and end-result shots on the SmugMug site.


valeriejardin said...

Looks like a really fun time, wish I was there! I see that you rode your fancy golden bicycle to NY for people to photograph too ;-)

Paul said...

I had a great time meeting Rick and everyone. It was cool to meet the photographers then see their photo's uploaded. Funny how their personality is seen in their photographic style!
Rick & Co. were a pleasure to be around and a genuinely nice folks.
Thanks for this opportunity and look forward to seeing you all again.

neil gibbs said...

Damn is missed it.. next time

They call me Mel said...

Great to see you, Susan and Juan again! Jeremy is awesome! Watched him working with the other photographers. Always a fan of those who share the knowledge. You definitely pick your friends well! Thanks to all of you for adding another great experience to my memorable experience in NYC! Real nice people at this shoot out!

photos_r_art said...

It was great event, so many amazing opportunities came before us. Thanks for the opportunity to shoot with so many cool photographers and enthusiasts. Special Thanks to Jeremy, Juan and Rick for hosting the event.

Juan Pons said...

Thanks to all of those that joined us on saturday, like Rick said, I feel like I made 60 new friends. Hope to see you all sometime again in the not too distant future. And make sure to upload your images to the smugmug site!

vered said...

Great gallery! I had fun looking at the images :)

esheehan said...

I'm so bummed I missed your shoot in Times Square, I should have planned my upcoming trip to New York better! Since I'll be there next week, can I ask what your instructions were to the shooters or was there a specific "assignment", so I can recreate the experience on my own next week. Thanks so much!!

Rick Sammon said...

esheehan - Tell the whole story was the assignment!

have fun,