Friday, June 17, 2011

Reflect Upon Your Week

This weekend, take some time and reflect upon your week. Ask yourself: Did I grow as a photographer? 

If the answer is yes, good for you. And, share how you grew in the Comments here on my blog.

If the answer is no . . . well, there is always next week. And, maybe share why you feel as though you are not growing.

Have a great weekend.

Explore the light,


Richard M. Reyes [] said...

I am thankful to learn or realize something new everyday. Sometimes the realization is small. This week it was realizing the meaning of the "Power of the ISO" as mentioned by Bob Davis. I understand it... It clicked and just makes sense.

I also started thinking about your suggestion of taking a portrait of someone that reflects their personality... hmmmm... the possibilities. :D

Lisa Speakman said...

I've always been a get outside and shoot something kinda gal... this week due to a photo challenge...I've been playing with setting things up in the house. Playing with lights and setups is all new to me. Feel like I've grown by leaps and bounds!

Jonathan said...

I learnt a small amount this week, more about business than anything else. I learn every week how hard it is to get started and how the stress of that can paralyse you and you go nowhere, not thinking clearly, killing your creativity. That's harder to deal with than bad light, f stops, ISO's or lighting a grumpy subject. Not only do we need to be creative behind the lens but a thousand times more creative in business to survive. There's a hugh need for people to explain techie stuff in laymen's terms because it's not that complicated once you get around the jargon, someone to give good advice and help sort through the rubbish to find what you need. If you have someone like this they're worth their wait in mer.
I'm still very thankful I have this passion for photography every day and that nothing can turn me from it. :)