Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nik's snapseed Sets the Standard

This might be one of the shortest posts I have ever written. Why? Well, here is why.

A) I want to get back to my iPad and play with Nik's new snapseed iPad app, which offers virtually limitless creative adjustments on your photographs. It's quite addictive!

B) I think you'll want to download the app and start the creative photo enhancement fun ASAP.

Here are just two images that I created with snapseed, along with two screen grabs that show you some of the creative options the app offers.

For my images, I combined some Vintage, Grunge and Frame effects - all at the tap or swipe on the screen . . . in a few seconds. I think it sets the standard for iPad app enhancements.

I could give you a quick how-to, but the on-screen quick how-to does it all. It could not be easier to understand.

To order snapseed, click here.

Okay, go have fun! 

If you want to save a few bucks on Nik plug-ins, go to the Nik site and use this code upon checkout: RSAMMON.

Explore the light,

P.S. If you like photography iPad apps, I think you'll enjoy mine.


Xay B. said...

Really cool post. The first picture looks awesome too.

Que The Lights
QTL Images
-Xay B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick - how do you redeem the code on when buying an iOS app. The Buy Now link on the Nik site takes you straight to the iTunes Store...


Rick Sammon said...

Anonymous...Sorry,you are correct. The discount is on Nik Plug-ins. I fixed the text.


frankieness said...

these are cool! thanks for sharing, I think I'll be getting this app myself.

Wil Fernandez said...

Seems cool - wish that the iPad2 camera was more in line with the iPhone. Do you import them over to your iPad to edit?