Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Together Now - or - All for One and One for All!

If you are a pro, or even a rising pro, and feel as though you have competition, consider this: you have no competition. You are unique.

Sure, many other photographers know the same technical stuff as you know. I am sure, however, that no one teaches or shares or entertains or inspires or motivates as you do.

As one social media expert said, "People come to you not because of what you know, but because of who you are." Hey, I read so many social media books that I forget where I read that quote. Sorry. I think it was either in:


(If you are a pro, these books are must reads.)

All of the successful pros I know don't fear their so-called competitors. Rather, they help 'em.

One example is Scott Kelby, who has helped more pros than Photoshop has features. Scott teaches some of the same retouching stuff thatI teach (but at a more advanced level) in his cool new book:

Another pro who helps folks is RC Conception. RC teaches some of the same HDR techniques as I do, with his own RC-enthusiastic style, in his cool new HDR book:

And speaking of HDR, the dude who dubbed me the "godfather of the photography," Trey Ratcliff, shares some of the same techniques that I use in his inspiring book:

Since our meeting, Trey has helped me in a few ways. And I am more than happy to help promote this "competitor" here on my blog.

If you are just starting out, or even if you have been around for a while, my advice is to make as many friends as possible and share and share alike. Keep the Beatles' song, "All Together Now" in mind.

By the way, I also have an HDR product, my iHDR app. All of my HDR "competitors" have helped me spread the word. Thanks guys!

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Kevin said...

Hey, that Free book is a FREE download on Audible right now. Listen to the audio for free is pretty cool.

Also, Trey has mentioned the book Predictably Irrational. I would recommend looking at it, as well along with the two you mentioned.