Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post a Patriotic Picture - Win Two of My Books

Many of us are getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend BBQs. Great fun.

However, let's keep the true spirit of Memorial Day alive. 

To celebrate Memorial Day, I am doing a book give-way (if you live in the US).

Post a link in the Comments here to a patriotic picture - and tell me a bit about the picture. 

I'll pick my favorite, and send the photographer autographed copies of my books, Exploring the Light and Field Guide to Digital Photography.

Once I select the winner, you'll need to send me your real name and address. 

Deadline is noon (NY time) on Tuesday. 

Good luck and keep the spirit alive.

Explore the light,

P.S. I made this HDR image in Miami's South Beach during my 2011 Photo Caravan workshop.


TJ Tunnington said...

This is a veterans memorial statue in a park by me, shot using HDR:

Laura Boston Thek said... I took this photo in Paris at theArc de Triomphe. I was tasked by the 1st Infantry Division in 2003 to document Memorial day ceremonies that our US forces were participating in France. I recently did Albumen contact prints from digital negatives I made from the images. I have thought daily about these soldiers I had the privilege to live and travel with over a 3 week period, I pray for each of their safety...especially on Memorial Day each year. God bless all who serve.

ErikaRuth said...

This is just a snapshot from before I got my SLR, but presidential Election day:

We were the talk of the polling place. Our neighbor took them around to everyone and introduced them. One lady came up and said that we made her day! The girls were very proud, and Izzy got to help me stick the ballot in the machine. She was beaming, saying, see mama, I AM old enough to vote! It was precious.

Don said...

Hey Rick, Why leave us Canadians out? Here is one I took a few years back - it took about four months of planning to execute, and I'm sure it speaks for itself:

Rick Sammon said...

Hi Don - Nice shot. I am sorry to leave out Canadians... as I love Canada - photographed polar bears there. Shipping and customs forms make shipping difficult. Sometimes by books get Stuck in Customs. Hey, stay tuned for an iPad app give-way! :-)

Thank you for understanding.


Michael Christine said...

Great contest Rick! Good to see that some try to keep the true meaning of Memorial Day alive. This is a photo I took outside of NY Penn Station. I just liked the scene, reflections, the play of the lines, and that perfect blue sky.

Eric Politzer said...

I took this shot on my first trip to Savannah.It caught my eye as I walked by the neighboring street. I loved out the light hit the flag, giving it a unique hue and texture -- and even a bit of transparency. and I especially liked how it was mounted so close to street level -- more of a personal, even democratic, than flying it high above a building.

Julie Ray said...

Here is the link and description to my Memorial Day picture and description.

Michael W. said...

A view from the deck of the Schooner Aurora sailing in Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI.

Dennis said...

Image of a soldier photographed during a Scott Kelby Photowalk with a flag hanging from a porch in the distance behind him. The image won the photowalk, the soldier won my respect. He was shipping to Irag just days later.

Tom Raven said...

"We were stolen, sold and bought together from the African continent. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together, sometimes died together, and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today, we are standing up together, with faith and even some joy."

Maya Angelou

African American Slavery Monument, Rousakis Plaza, River Street, Savannah, Georgia (USA). "11-12' high. Depicts a black family caught in a tight embrace with broken shackles at their feet. Inscription by poet Maya Angelou on the base of the sculpture. The Monument is to commemorate and honor contributions of African Americans to the cultural, social, educational, economic and spiritual life of the Savannah community.

JennGrover said...

I posted a photo (not taken by me) of my father, as a boy attending the funeral of his brother, who was killed in action in WW II.

Mel Carll said...

This is a photo of a local (Santa Clarita, Ca) veteran who served in the Battle of the Bulge. I had the pleasure of meeting him and photographing him during the changing of the flags during a recent Veterans Day Event.!/photo.php?fbid=10150194986276589&set=a.188153901588.130396.623086588&type=1&theater

Jim Nix said...

Hey Rick, how about this shot from DC?
Great work you do, and enjoy your weekend!

JennGrover said...

This photo was taken of my father as he attended the funeral of his brother who died in WWII

By the way, enjoying the photos others have posted. Rick - this is a great thread/contest

Gary Udstrand said...

(poem by Eunice Korczak)

As I Stood Among the Crosses

As I stood among the crosses
Contemplating war's terrible losses
The whispered prayers among the trees
Brought me humbly to my knees

For these prayers the dead were giving
And they were praying for the living:
"Hold! Protect your freedom!
For this our lives are done"

Allow not inroads on our gain
Or our lives were spent in vain
With this sacred duty we charge all:
Make sure your freedoms do not fall

Some must always fight and die
Others serve a different battle cry
'Death, death! to infringing policy!
To keep this, your great land, free!'

All, all! Go forth! Defend!
Upon you, you! we depend
That from death we may proclaim
We did not die in vain!"

As I knelt among the crosses
I understood they marked not only losses
But, also, freedom's mighty gains
And I prayed that all take up the reins

Of vigilance, of freedom's fight
And demand, demand! the right
Of freedom -- to validate the losses
Marked by these small white crosses.

God bless all who died for our freedom. Amen.

Eunice Korczak 2002

gcmandrake said...

This is a photo I took at Fort Logan National Cemetery early last year. It was processed in Photoshop using some curves that I had developed to mimic the Edward Curtis orotype.

It has a special meaning for me and my friends in the service.


dudley206098 said...

a photo I took Memorial Day while following my son;s marching banc

Anthony Castro said...
I finally got an image with the creative use of a light leak, I couldn't be more thrilled. This image was shot with my holga (film) for my American Asylum project.

David said...

I took this one while on a quick weekend vacation in New York, NY with my brother. He is in the U. S. Navy reserves and was doing his annual 2-week training in New York but had the weekend off. We were sitting at the USO office in the Times Square bus station when I saw this through a window across the way.

Sherry Williamson said...

Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell,FL
Took this in 2009 while visiting. A friend who passed away suddenly a few days ago,will be interred here.

Sherry said...

Florida National Cemetery. Visited in 2009,taken with my point and shoot.

Jeff Petry said...

Seeing your posting, I decided to create a quick website showing several images that I've been fortunate to capture in San Francisco and Hawaii. The most moving to me were of Pearl Harbor.


Scott said...

This is a pic of me at Pointe Du Hoc, located in Normandy France. This was part of the Atlantic wall that was situated between Omaha and Utah beaches. There were 6 large artillery guns here to protect against an invasion at either beach. The Rangers that were tasked with taking these guns out got lost and were barely able to secure the area just as the D-Day invasion began.

Howard J said...

Rick, here's an HDR shot of a very patriotic Hot Rod I shot last weekend during a photowalk at a car how where the entry fee was used to fund a scholarship at a local university.

StopHurtingAmerica said...

Had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual Warrior Games in Colorado Springs(Paralympics for Armed Service Women and Men). While I took a ton of photos, I think this shot of one Army athlete passing the Olympic torch to another Marine competitor sums up the spirit of competition, passion, and bravery that the armed forces hold true to.

Good contest Rick.

Erik Lykins said...

MCAS Air Show Miramar
October 2009

Instead of looking up at the planes, I decided to look around and as a result got some of my favorite shots from the air show.

Colleen Easley said...

Washelli Cemetery
My 85 year old father, a WWII vet, was near death in a Seattle hospital. After visiting him, I took a walk across the street to the Washelli Cemetery and was overcome by the sheer number of white markers and the worry that my dad's marker might be the next to be added. Thankfully he survived the bout with pneumonia only to have to fight another battle - now with cancer - but he'll live to see another Memorial Day.

RGBeki said...

This is a photograph I created when I was 15 years old. I shot it soon after a very violent ice storm struck our city, coating everything in a layer of ice. The flag we proudly hung outside of our home still remained after bracing the elements of violent winds and freezing temperatures. Being an army brat, I found something incredibly symbolic about it all.

paikiiimagery said...

This is the Missing Man Memorial at Hickham Air Force Base in Honolulu. It faces the channel at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.

Trevin said...

Taken on July 4th in Seattle, WA:

rlhaas said...

I took this photo on Veteran's Day at Evergreen Washelli Cemetary in Seattle, WA. This is just a small section of the military graves in the cemetary. Every headstone had an American flag in front of it. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Archibald said...

This was taken in July 2003 in Fort Campbell son-in-law with his new baby daughter at a 4th of July function on post. He left for Iraq not too long after this was taken. Shot stinks, but I just can't toss it.

Xay B. said...

This is a picture from the events that transpired a few days ago in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A tornado ripped through the entire city along with Birmingham, Pratt City, Moody, and other areas in Alabama.

I was lucky enough to be on campus. The tornado ended up veering away from the UA campus, but decimated the central hub in Tuscaloosa.

Thousands have lost their homes and death toll keeps rising.

As a photographer I knew I had to document as much as possible before the authorities started sectioning off places.

I'll put up more soon, but this is just to give you a small glimpse.

erkarts said...

I took this photo at a Veteran's Day parade in Raleigh, NC with a small point and shoot camera. I love it and hope you'll like it as well. Have a great Memorial Day!

Carrie said...

My daughter at the Freedom Flags exhibit in our hometown.

Stephen said...

Here'a an image that I took in Washington, DC in the Spring of 2004. Hopefully, the photo speaks for itself.

Allan said...

Rick, great idea for a contest! I visited Arlington National Cemetery yesterday, but arrived before they opened so visited the nearby Marine Corps War Memorial, aka: Iwo Jima Memorial, and took this shot as the morning sun was lighting up the Memorial.

Wish everyone has a great & safe Memorial Day and please remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

claudia163 said...

This is an image I shot in Watertown Wisconsin cleaning my uncles barn July 4th weekend.I liked the flags against the old wagon wheels. This is Claudia Cohen from the Florida Caravan.

zac said...

Hi Rick,

I took this on Memorial Day 20+ years ago and just got it scanned into digital format. It's still one of my favorites.

Allan said...
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Rudy said...


Rick, Here is my photo for Memorial Day:

I caught my daughter touching her great uncle's name on the Vietnam war memorial in DC.

Thanks for doing this. We need people to remember the reason for the holiday.

(I posted previously, but it didn't show up.)

George said...

Rick, I took this while participating in the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Run. On 9/11, Stephen was trying to get to the WTC but the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel was closed. So he threw 80 pounds of gear on his back and ran through the tunnel. There is a race every year to benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation. Some of the firefighters do the run in full gear like Stephen did on 9/11.

Marty Cohen said...

This is a photo I took at the Arlington West Veterans Memorial. Each Sunday from sunrise to sunset, a temporary memorial appears next to the world-famous pier in Santa Monica, California.

Being there is a very moving experience and my photo doesn't show how expansive an area of the beach is used for the memorial.

Colin Wright said...

I grabbed this image at the 2002 NLDS game one in St. Louis. I was fortunate enough to have seats high over centerfield, where the honor guard exited after completing the game-opening ceremonies.

I was a member of the USAF a quarter century ago (following my father who served in the USAF Reserve, and my grandfather who served in the Signal Corps), and still have a tremendous respect for the folks that are serving in the very same cause that I felt compelled to join so long ago. The foes have changed, but the mission hasn't. And today -- and every day -- is a great day to remember them all, past and present, fallen and serving.

It's images like this one, and all the ones in the comments, that make this greying vet proud of his country, and its people.

Cass See said...

I live in a little community of Proud Portuguese-American fisherman and this is from the street parade... all the little ones are carrying American flags and the adolescents are carrying a sign "God Bless Fisherman".... it was a pretty patriotic scene.... not a war hero, which I live in a Military town and saw some of that too, but this is our future.... they were adorable!

mlgphotos said...

Hi Rick, this is an image I took a couple years ago at the Michigan High School Rodeo in Ovid Michigan.