Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make Sure You Got the Shot

Here are a few quick tips for checking your shots in camera:

1) Check your histogram. Make sure you don't have a spike on the right (highlights will be blown out) or on the left (shadows will be blocked up). This is really the only true way to check your exposures.

2) Use your camera's overexposure warning. On some cameras, you need to activate this very useful feature.

3) Zoom in on your image to check for important details.

4) Don't depend on the camera's LCD monitor to check the picture's brightness. You can be fooled by the monitor's brightness setting.

5) Check your shots with HoodLoupe:
 Hoodman H-LPP3 HoodLoupe 3.0 Professional 3-Inch Screen Loupe

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CGarison said...

Holy Cow!

That is the back of my favorite Canon camera, the EOS Digital Rebel XT. As much as I love shooting with the full frame models by Canon and all that luxury glass, my first DSLR, the Rebel XT with the kit lens, will be my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I am at the moment using 2 cameras as my P&S Olympus fe26 is wonderful for macro and supermacro photos, my Kodak M420 has infinity zoom and can take pics of things I don't want to get too close to. I am in the process of getting 1 camera to do all I want.
I also need to invest in a hood since slot of times I miss great shots because I can't see my LCD screen in the sun