Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Had a Blast on Mostly Photo on TWiT Today!

Mongolian horsemen. © Rick Sammon
I had a blast being on Mostly Photo today. Thank you Leo and Catherine. You guys are great hosts!

Click here to download the show (Mostly Photo 8: Rick Sammon) and to subscribe to Mostly Photo. 

I talked about one of my  favorite photographs, this shot of soldiers in the Mongolian army reenacting a charge by Genghis Khan's arm.

I also shared my top three photo tips:

1 The Camera Looks Both Ways ... in picturing the subject you are also picturing a part of yourself.

2 Composition in the Strongest Way of Seeing.

3 See the Light - the Contrast, Direction, Quality and Color of light in a scene.

I also talked about what's in my camera bag.

Explore the light,

P.S. Here is another shot from my Mongolia shoot. I am planning a workshop in Mongolia in June 2012. Shoot me an email for more info.


Mike said...

I might actually watch it now. It's nice when they have knowledgeable people on there.

Gary said...

Great job on Mostly Photo!

Medisoft said...

Love the horse shots! Heard about you on TWiT, now I gotta watch the video podcast to see what I missed!