Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5.31.11 Tuesday's Talented Twitter Find: Valerie Jardin

This week's Tuesday Talented Twitter Find is Valerie Jardin.

Follow Valerie on Twitter to keep up-to-date with what this talented photographer is doing.

About Tuesday's Talented Twitter Find: Each Tuesday (when I am not traveling) I will pick a talented photographer I find on Twitter - and promote the talented photographer here on my blog and on twitter, etc.

Nice work, Valerie.

Explore the light,

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valeriejardin said...

Thank you Rick! I am honored to be your Talented Twitter find this week! Love your work and your podcasts. You are an inspiration to so many photographers! Just like you I feel like my specialty is not to specialize. Although most of my pro work is about interior/architecture and food photography, my personal projects can be landscape, travel, street photography, HDR, macro, wildlife... Photography is my passion, why not try everything and have fun?

Rick Sammon said...

Hey Valerie.. I am honored to have you here!

Hey, maybe I could © "My specialty is not specializing." :-) :-)

valeriejardin said...

I think you should and maybe have some t-shirts printed with the quote! :-)

Rick Sammon said...

Valerie.. I like your t-shirt idea!

Thank you for sharing. Rick

Tom Baker said...

Great work Valerie! nicely done.

Good find Rick :)

Dyanne Wilson Photography said...

Congratulations Valerie! Nice work indeed.. :)

Claudia said...

Congrats Valerie, you've done a great job in letting us know you're here and what you're up to. Kep up the great work!