Friday, April 22, 2011

Snapshot to Great Shot with Good Composition

Ya know, it's not really that hard to turn a snapshot into a great shot . . . if you use a little imagination.

Above left is a snapshot, taken only a few feet away from where I took the shot on the right. Same lens. Same exposure. Same light.

The difference: Composition.

"Composition is the strongest way of seeing." Edward Weston

Good composition is one of the key elements in a good photograph.

For more examples of creative composition, see my latest work in my latest app, iHDR. Yes, the app is about HDR photography, but composition is important is all photography - which is something I stress in all my seminars and workshops.

Explore the light,

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon 14mm lens.


Gary said...

Shooting between through a rail is one of my favorite ways to frame a scene. This is a great example of creative photography.

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer the left photo

Rick Sammon said...

Anonyous... what do you like better about the snapshot? I agree that it's more like a postcard, tourist shot. So from that standpoint, it's a better shot. However, the other photo shows more thinking, more creativity - and is harder to take (due to the great depth of field).

All that said: all photography, like all art, is subjective.