Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holland Day 3: Fish-eye Lens Fun at Keukenhof

Thanks to Marc Chang Sing Pang, a cool dude I met on twitter, we spent a wonderful morning at the garden at Keukenhof.

I took about 200 photographs, but many looked quite similar to the pictures I had seen on postcards. So, for a uniqe look, I used my Canon 15mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark II, held the camera at ground level, and took a few shots.

A few tips for today:
- You don't always have to be looking through the camera's viewfinder for a good shot.
- Set a small aperture for great depth of field.
- Always look up.
- Take the postcard shots, and then take creative shots.
- Have fun.

I'll be sharing more composition tips on my upcoming class on composition for Kelby training: Composition - the strongest way of seeing.

Thank you, again, Marc for being our personal tour guide - and friend.

Explore the light,

P.S. I also shot some macro pictures. Here's a favorite. 

- Tell the Story With Different Lenses.
- Shoot back-lit shots.


Marc said...

Rick - thanks for the time. Loved shooting with you! You can see the results at http://mchangsp.blogspot.com/2011/04/shooting-photos-with-rick-sammon-at.html

Next time you are in Holland let's go to Giethoorn - lots of reflections waiting to be photographed!


Jurriaan said...

Very nice pictures Rick, good to see you have enjoyed THE Netherlands.


Thomas said...

Hi Rick,

Do you have a release date for your new class in kelbytraining ?

Your are one of my favorite teacher with Joe McNally :)

Rick Sammon said...

hi thomas

thank you for your kind words.

probably in the late summer.

thank you