Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holland Day 1: Working on New Images for My Creative Photographic Composition Project

As I mentioned last week here on the blog, I am starting a new project on photographic composition. The project will include more than 101 images that illustrate virtually every composition technique – including shooting down low, as illustrate in the opening HDR image for this post.

Working with shadows is another cool composition technique. :-)

Below is another new image for my composition project. Tip #1: the background is just as important as the foreground. In fact, you can't have one without the other. Tip #2: Separate (or isolate) the elements in a scene to make them stand out in your photograph.

Hey! Many artist worked here and are working here. So, feeling kinda artistic, I added an artist effect to the image above: Curly Smooth in Topaz Adjust Clean 3. For info on Topaz and other creative plug-ins, click here.

If you want to be updated on my composition project, shoot me an email.

More to come from the trip.

Explore the light,


Marc said...

Welcome in Holland! You are in luck with the nice weather for the coming days. Looking at your last photo, I have another location suggestion for you: Giethoorn


Marc said...

Rick, I gave you the wrong link.
This is the correct one:


Rick Sammon said...

Marc - Quite cool! Thank you!

Richard D. ZAkia said...

I am delighted to learn that you will be working on a book dealing with composition. If the other photos you will be taking are anything like the one you are showing you will have a winner. The great photographer Edward Weston reminds us that "Composition is the strongest way of seeing." And his photos prove it and so have yours.
Incidentally, I am now working on a 4th Edition of my "Perception and Imaging" book.
I will be looking forward to your Composition book and I know I will learn from it as I have from your other books. Wishing you the best.
Dick Zakia

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

I love your blog it is great, most of my art work is based on photos that I take ,so you blog has a lot that I can learn from.At the moment I just have a small canon digital camera,but it has done very well, I hope to save up and buy myself a SLR with a good lens for capturing wildlife at a distance.Any suggestions on a type of camera and lens would be great.

Rick Sammon said...

Dr. Zakia - Your books are an inspiration to all!

Thank you for being you!

Robert said...

Curly Smooth is a cool effect but I find it most pleasing when used very selectively. Squirmy worm effect can be unsettling. Gorgeous on wood bark, textures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
Great pic from such an ordinary place! This is what I shot a few months ago from the top of it; .
Have a nice stay! gRtz Rogier