Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hope to See You on Monday - Topaz Adjust "Awaken The Artist Within" Webinar: April 11, 5 PM NY Time

I truly believe that every photographer, and that includes you, has an artist within - an artist that can be awakened in the digital darkroom by using creative plug-ins. An artist that can make your time sitting at your computer, processing your images, more fun.

One of my favorite plug-ins is Topaz Adjust. With a click of your mouse and a swipe of a slider, you can transform your pictures into more creative - and professional looking - images.

In my Topaz Adjust Webinar on April 11 at 5 PM Easter Time, I'll share with you my favorite effects. I'll also take your questions. 

I'll also show you a few Photoshop tricks, such as how to create the circular fish-eye lens effect, as illustrated above, from the image directly below, which was created in Topaz Adjust from the image below that.

As you'll see, sometimes you don't need an HDR plug-in or program to create an HDR-type image.

This is basically the same webinar that I gave last month, with a few added touches.

I hope you can join me for the plug-in fun.

If you have never tried Topaz, click here for info. Also, you can $ave a bundle of $ when you order a Topaz Bundle. The Photoshop bundle is my favorite.

Click here to sign up! 

Below is an another example of how you can use Topaz to awaken the artist within.

See you (okay, I really will not be able to see you, but I will get your questions) on the Webinar.

For discounts on other plug-ins, click here.

Explore the light,

P.S. Hey, my HDR app, Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio, now has a new name: Rick Sammon's iHDR. We changed the name because users suggested that the app is all about: Images, Imagination, Innovation and Interactivity. For info, click here.


Panicking Girl said...

these are amazinggg. I love that you think that everyone has an artist from within.

Tom Baker said...

Cool Rick, I missed the first one so happy to have a do over.

ellens365 said...

I'd love to see this but can't be near a computer then. Will this and/or the earlier one be archived?

Diamond Dave said...

Will this be available to watch after the first time through? My day job gets in the way.

Rick Sammon said...

Diamond Dave... Yes, this one will be recorded. Stay tuned for links...

Sunny Archibald said...

Well, crud. I missed all but 15 minutes of the last one (my fault), and I'll be winging my way to Costa Rica during the next one. Maybe there will be a third showing.