Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Old Books That Will Help New Photographers

Seems like a new photography book is published every day - and promoted on the web every day. Older books go by the wayside.

I have a ton of photography books - new and old. Three of my favorite books are actually not new, but rather a bit old. I think new photographers can learn a lot from these old books, in some cases simply by looking at the pictures and studying composition and lighting.

Here are the books and links: 

Approaching Photography

Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs

Photographs: George Eastman House, Rochester, NY (Klotz)

Explore the light,


Ted said...

I added them to my "wishlist". Looking forward to it. I'll make sur to click through your site again when I make the purchase.

Harold R. Stinnette said...

I totally agree. I've been re-reading Photography and The Art of Seeing by Freeman Patterson. Thats a great book that every shooter should read. At one point he writes about labeling subjects and that really got my wheels turning. I've struggled with labeling myself a certain type of photographer based on what I photograph. I'm coming to grips with that creativity block and throwing it out the window. Thats the thought behind the tweet I send you last week concerning your tag line about not specializing.
Keep inspiring!
Harold R. Stinnette

Photoman LS25 said...

I too will look out for them in bookstores, I have two reference books I would like to share.

Wedding Photography - A professional Guide. By Morag MacDonald. A good read with lots of advice for anyone starting out in the wedding business.

Photographs that sell and sell...
by Roger Antrobus. Great for ideas on what makes a great stock image.
Happy Snapping