Monday, April 4, 2011

"Awaken the Artist Within" Topaz Adjust Webinar. 4.11.11

Left Original. Right Topaz Adjust/Portrait Smooth
I truly believe that every photographer, and that includes you, has an artist within - an artist that can be awakened in the digital darkroom by using creative plug-ins. An artist that can make your time sitting at your computer, processing your images, more fun.

One of my favorite plug-ins is Topaz Adjust. With a click of your mouse and a swipe of a slider, you can transform your pictures into more creative - and professional looking - images.

In my Topaz Adjust Webinar on April 11 at 5 PM Easter Time, I'll share with you my favorite effects. I'll also take your questions.

Create a painterly look from a photograph. I'll show you how.

Topaz Adjust's Spicify Filter

I hope you can join me for the plug-in fun.

If you have never tried Topaz, click here for info. Also, you can $ave a bundle of $ when you order a Topaz Bundle. The Photoshop bundle is my favorite.

Click here to sign up! 

See you (okay, I really will not be able to see you, but I will get your questions) on the Webinar.

Explore the light,

P.S. You'll find more examples of how creative plug-ins can enhance your images in my latest iPad app, Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio.


Dmarie said...

wow, I can see why you were made a Blog of Note!

CLarochelle said...

Beautiful photos. Congrats on the blogs of note status!

howimetmyhusband.thestorygoeson said...

Hi Rick,

I so love your blog, rather your photos.Thank god I stumbled upon this piece of art. Will look forward to more of your work.

Keep shooting.