Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pictuers to Warm Your Spirit . . if you are tired of looking at snow!

I am getting tired of looking at snow-covered trees here in NY, so I dug out a few images of butterfly-covered trees to warm my spirit. 

I took these shots in Mexico, where the monarch butterflies spend part of the winter.

Keep warm.

If you like butterflies and close-up photography check out my app, Butterfly Wonders.

I also have a book on butterflies, Flying Flowers.

Explore the light,

P.S. About the color in these butterfly photographs, I used Topaz Adjust/Color Blast to add a bit of color. Click here for info on Topaz Adjust.


CharlieDuncan said...

Topaz Adjust does some amazing things to photos and its so easy to use, keep up the great work Rick.

Rick Sammon said...

Thank you Charles!

Foto Workshops México said...

These are some beautiful pictures of monarch butterflies in Michoacan, it is sad that these sanctuaries are being lost, I hope that people interested in preserving these sites, do something to protect these places.
Meanwhile I enjoy seeing these wonderful pictures of you Rick.