Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Adjustments Go a Long Way in Lightroom. Or, From Drab to Fab in 60 Seconds or Less.

Left: Before Lightroom, Right: After Lightroom
In Lightroom, it is easy to go from drab to fab. Here's an example.

The photo on the left, shot through a plane's plexiglass window, is drab, due to the lack of color, contrast and sharpness.

In Lightroom's Develop module, I made the following simple adjustments in less than 60 seconds:

• Increased the Exposure.
• Increased the Blacks.
• Increased the Contrast.
• Increased the Clarity.
• Increased Vibrance.
• Increased Saturation.

Below are two screen shots that show the before-and-after settings for the opening pair of images. Note the differences in the settings.

Left: Before Lightroom. Right: After Lightroom
Below is another example of the power (and fun) of Lightroom. Once again, it was easy and fun to turn a drab shot into a much more colorful image.

Left: Before Lightroom. Right: After Lightroom
Below is the set of before-and-after screen shots that show the enhancements that I made on my cowboy image. Here the "After" settings are on the left.

Left: Before Lightroom. Right: After Lightroom.

I teach this kinda stuff on my workshops and at my seminars. I hope you can join the fun!

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Mike C said...

Are the first two LR settings panels really "after and before"?

Rick Sammon said...

Mike C.... Thank you for pointing out that the images were flopped. Sorry 'bout that. Fixed. Thanks again!

Larry said...

Rick.... Another mystery revealed. Excellent tip. Thanks... Big Larry M

Debbie Cunningham said...

Thanks so much for this post. I really appreciate stuff like this!!

Mike Moore said...

Thank you Rick! Love this and love your podcasts.