Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspirational Quotes: Get Inspired!

This post wraps up my week-long posts on inspirational quotes and photographs. I hope you were and are inspired. 

These are screen grabs from the slide presentation I run before my seminars, which are packed with photo info.

Speaking of seminars, I am giving a seminar and running a workshop in Mexico in June.

We'll be shooting in picturesque San Miguel de Allende (above)

And I'll be speaking at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. The two pictures above are cut-and-past, just-for-fun images: the actual presentation room with a picture of me speaking inserted on stage and on the monitor.

Explore the light,


Theresa Jackson said...

I loved your inspiration series. I'm inspired. Hope you continue the series again some time. Thanks.

Andy:InspireWeb said...

I was falling apart before i find out of the inspirational quotes.Reading your quotes inspired me.My self confidence is boosted.We never stop learning,regardless of our age.Thank you for such incredible post.